Even after the sun has set on the British Empire, monarchy is still quite normal for the United Kingdom. For all the self-righteousness the white rulers  throw around the world they once colonised, as epitome of civilization and human rights the so-called Royals with no kingdom other than being a titular head of Great Britain and a nominal head of Australia and Canada. It is baffling that while these western countries make it their business to impose democracy and people’s rule in the rest of the world by even funding and manufacturing massive unrests in countries like Nepal which was ruled by monarchy, it loves its own monarchs. The Great Britain reportedly spent nearly 31 million pounds of taxpayers’ money in 2012-13 for maintaining the country’s royals. While rest of us have to work hard to earn our money, the royals simply lead a super luxurious life from the huge doles provided by the British government.

The so-called royal family still happily like to be literally carried on the shoulders of indigenous black people as ceremonious procession on their visits to Tuvalu an island country. William and Kate Middleton can be seen seated on separate ornate chairs and carried on shoulders by a bunch of indigenous black males and females respectively. The picture looks very grotesque for a family and country which tom-toms and sanctimoniously lectures on human rights to other nations like India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar etc on its treatment of minorities. This picture is quite reminiscent of the colonial times when the white men would step on the backs of black and brown people who they ruled over, to alight and board their horse carriages. The image revives memories of the abusive practice of enslaving coloured people, treating  them as non-humans and subjecting them to hard unpaid labour.  

While the ‘woke liberal’ Americans in their spree of breaking idols of black oppressors of yore did not even spare Abraham Lincoln, who was the first white to abolish slavery in America and tried to reform the white society to treat black citizens as their equals, these woke liberals are quite silent about monarchy in the UK. Our very own human rights champion and democracy lovers, like Romila Thapar, Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesai, etc. who hate great Hindu Kings like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj or even the monarchs of Nepal would give their both arms and legs for a luncheon with the royal family of  United Kingdom. Shockingly, these barbaric pictures of the so-called British royals being carried on shoulders of indigenous people does not evoke any consternation and shame worldwide.

Much of the western European countries like UK, Australia, Canada and even America still lives with the same colonial imperialist mentality derived from Christianity. This mentality has killed several millions of people in the past colonial era and still continues to do so under different pretexts with the underlining theme of aiming to wipe out and spread hatred about other indigenous ancient cultures, traditions and faiths.  

The British empire between 18th and 20th Century which ruled over nearly 25% of the landmass of the world had to fade away in sunset after the World War II when many of its former colonies started gaining independence falsifying the famous phrase, “The Empire on which the sun never sets”. Even though the physical Empire has vanished, the sun still shines very brightly on the monarchs feeding off taxpayers’ money. When will the western world become truly democratic?

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