Modi government on Sunday banned 35 groups running on whatsapp and spreading misinformation regarding the recently launched military recruitment scheme Agnipath. Meanwhile, the government is looking for those who are involved in spreading misinformation.

10 people have bee arrested for spreading misinformation about the scheme. Meanwhile, the press information bureau has opened a fact check line to verify information about the scheme.

The action was taken amid the violent protests that led to damage of crores of government property after the launch of the Agnipath scheme.

Apart from that, the government has appealed people to report such misinformation and can inform Press Information bureau at whatsapp 879971159.

Meanwhile, several arrests have taken place in the recent days that include fake aspirants, and leader of NSUI and SP leaders. Other than that, role of coaching centres in Bihar is also involved in fuming students to choose violence. Bihar police has launched a probe against these coaching institutes.

On Tuesday last week, the centre introduced a new short-term recruitment policy for the youth to serve in armed forces. As per the scheme, the youth aged between 17.5 years to 21 years will be recruited in any of these three services of armed forces as Agniveers for a period of four years.

Senior officials on Sunday made it clear that those indulged in violence against the scheme won’t be enrolling for the defence jobs. Lt Gen Puri stated that “there is no place for indiscipline in defence”. The armed forces aspirants will have to submit a written pledge that they won’t indulge in any violence. Along with that a police verification will be done and if any FIR found then they’ll be barred from joining defence forces.


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