A huge protest of teeming millions sieged the Capitol Hill from yesterday evening. The riotous crowd even stormed inside the US Capitol building. The protests were organised originally by Trump supporters as they genuinely felt that the 2020 Presidential elections have been rigged by the huge controversial postal votes. Now with the crowd in Capitol turning violent and destructive, according to a report by The Washington Times on 06.01.2021, Trump supporters say that the Antifa members disguised as one of them infiltrated the protesters who stormed the Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

As per the report a retired military officer confirmed to them that the Firm XR Vision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia Antifa members to two men inside the Senate.

The source provided photo matches to The Washington Times. One has a tattoo that indicates he is a Stalinist sympathizer. Antifa promotes anarchy through violence and wants the end of America in favour of a Stalinist-state. “No more USA at all” is their protest slogan.

The report also states that XR Vision has identified another man who, while not known to have Antifa links, is present at climate and Black Lives Matter protests.

Antifa which began in Portland, Ore, has unleashed violence throughout the year in that city. The Mayor said recently that Antifa is trying to destroy the town and called for tougher police actions.

The report mentions that Antifa is loosely organised across the nation and exports violent rioters to other towns. The report further mentions that before the November 4 election, an Antifa Chapter sent out on social media an advice to its members to disguise themselves as Trump supporters by wearing the distinctive red Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

“On Nov. 4 don’t forget to disguise yourself as patriots / Trump supporters. Wear MAGA hats, USA flags. A convincing police uniform is even better. This way police and patriots responding to us won’t know who their enemies are and onlookers will think there are Trump supporters rioting so it’s harder to turn popular opinion against us.”

This report by The Washington Times is very shocking as it only shows how Antifa has successfully put their plan into motion for creating all round mayhem and destruction and turn patriots against each other for no fault of theirs.

In India we can see  a similarity of genuine peaceful protests by the BJP in W.Bengal against violence unleashed by TMC workers by regularly brutally killing the saffron party workers and members of the Sangh being infiltrated by the leftists, Naxalites and TMC members to by using saffron bandana and other insignia. They masquerade as sympathisers or members of the larger Sangh Parivar and indulge in violence and rioting during the peaceful protest to defame the Sangh Parivar and also give a ruse to the highly politicised police force under Mamata Banerjee to start using brutal force against the peaceful protestors in a bid to crush dissent.

Another way of infiltration by these anarchist anti-nationals is to use police uniforms and army uniforms in Kashmir and indulge in violence against protestors, women and children brought from NGOs run by the leftist-jihadis or to depict a violent state machinery which crushes dissent. These fake images are then circulated all over the world by the international media to portray India as a Police State where democracy and dissent is crushed.

These leftist and jihadi infiltrators causing mayhem and destruction by infiltrating among genuine democratic protests in multifarious ways should be identified and strictly dealt with by the law enforcement agencies to stop India or even the US from degenerating into land of Sharia Bolsheviks.  

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