Anarchists have held the country and civilized society for ransom. Three events in the last one years should have shaken the conscience of law makers. But it had not.

a)     Shaheen Bagh Protest in Delhi

b)    Desecration of Temple in AP

c)     Farmer Protest at Delhi Border.

In all three occasions, ordinary rule abiding citizen rights have been trampled and the state apparatus remained a mute spectator. The amazing response came from Judiciary who procrastinated its decision until agitations got abated or were withdrawn on call of nature.

Electronic Media made heroes out of villains. They have made money out through rationalizing, normalizing and instigating the agitation. Selling air time through TRP and advertisement is fraud and that has been legalized in our system.

Who is behind these agitations? Everybody knows. Few frustrated failed and discredited political social leaders added by foreign money and secessionist ideology are running the agitation under the grad of democracy and freedom of speech. Name bashing, threatening, putting women, old and children on front and provocative sloganeering are the common street strategy.

The Police and paramilitary are the first and worst casualty. From Judiciary to media followed by Legislative would abuse and accuse police of either inaction or harsh-action, but would never mandate them to civilize these anarchists. Especially if you read the judgments of the judicial system, you can make out the disconnect between law enforcement agencies and law makers.

There is an electronic Media Panchayat every evening which offers a platform to drawing room anarchists to instigate, provoke and rationalize the agitations. All in the name of freedom of speech and democracy. These speakers would take defense of fundamental rights under the constitution without acknowledging any duties to the constitution.

Anarchist crowds can burn private property, damage government establishments and cause physical/ financial distress to ordinary business establishments. But that is ok. There is no accountability in our law book. Nothing happens to these perpetrators. You cannot even name and shame them.  Law of privacy comes to their rescue. And if you insist upon court can penalize you also. Imagine the indifference and shamelessness of Legislative, judiciary and Electronic Media together.

What financial compensation government has paid to Shop-owners whose business has collapsed due to Anti CAA agitation? What compensation Government will offer to Delhi Business entities who have been taken hostage by these so called farmer agitation. And certainly nothing will be discussed. No thought on Justice and symbolic compensation to the desecration of Temple in AP either. 

There is no provision of penalty or compensation. Only Lip service.

Why? Because law abiding citizens are not anarchists. It is nothing but incentivizing an anarchist through a veiled process of law. And all three Judiciary, legislature and Media are equally responsible.

Just look at the trend. During the first five year of PM Modi 2014-19. These anti-social elements staged protests through award Wapsi and insulting the constitutional establishment. In the second term of 2019-24 they are on the street desecrating Hindu temples with impunity, blocking business and ordinary citizen life.

What next? The third term of PM Modi would see street armed protest if the State and Judiciary remain mute spectators like this. The embolden anarchists are testing the nerve and patience.  Some of the Media and NGO are sold in the hands of their foreign wealthy masters.  Every evening they would rationalize the illegality.

Anyone is there to regulate or control them? Impossible! They are holy cows. Do not touch them.

India is the largest and the oldest democracy in the World. Anarchist sole goal is to see this statement turn wrong by dismantling the system and Balkanizing the country.

If Judiciary and Political leadership still remains mute spectator and does not take retributive action against those operating against the interest of the State, generations to come will not forgive them.

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