The Message from President Trump is clear from last night’s Republican National Convention (RNC) speech. His assertion on various aspects of the current day scenario was well articulated in much stronger terms. As we look at some key points, his vision for next four years are based on a pragmatic approach rather than a vitriolic campaign by his opponents on his character and smear campaign on him. Millions of Americans have watched his acceptance speech and his speech entirely is based on America First Agenda. By ushering the thoughts of Patriotism, he struck the chord of millions.

President Trump in an election campaign stress about Jobs

President Trump Stresses Jobs and Economy

One Key aspect from his speech was about his agenda on Jobs. Yes, Americans need jobs. This is one of the most important things for millions of Americans due to a couple of reasons. One being Pandemic, as we know millions of Americans lost jobs due to Pandemic shut down. It is imperative for any president to handle such a natural disaster situation and fight against invisible enemy. His strong deterrence to fight the Pandemic and daily briefings on the situation was ridiculed by various left media and his opponents but the truth is, a Pandemic stays for an year or so. It’s not a secret to hold the truth that the origins of Pandemic is none other than China. The Pandemic has crippled the American economy and battered the dreams of millions of Americans. From last night, his message is clear: America First with Jobs as the highest importance. His entire administration is working to get the Economy on track. Every American understands the repercussions of the pandemic which ranges on wider economic aspects including the housing market when jobs are lost. His consistency on America First implies a focused approach on Jobs. His consistent briefings on Pandemic reveal an important message that how soon the CDC could bring a vaccine to American people to How to control Pandemic.. He pointed out that Vaccine trials are going on fast pace and he wishes to bring to public at the earliest as normally a vaccine trial takes easily two years but sensing the nature of Pandemic, his perseverance to the medical fraternity and pharma companies cannot be ignored. The whole idea from the agenda is to reduce the American dependence on China in every aspect and reduce the Trade deficit with China.

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The other aspect of America First Agenda is to bring back the Jobs from overseas. His assertion had brought a big applause from Millions of Americans and he quoted an example of Tennessee Valley Authority which fired hundreds of employees and how his intervention and Executive order helped the people to get back the lost jobs. His speech with a strongly worded assertion on  jobs and a message to companies on tax incentives is also a driving factor for business owners which in turn helps to generate jobs. His Agenda is to create 10 million jobs in the next 10 to 12 months and with 1 million new small businesses apart from tax cuts. His 2017 tax cuts were clearly visible to millions of Americans while jobs stay in the United States. He aims to give tax breaks to businesses and encourage investment.

Contrasting view of Biden’s Agenda

Incidentally, Biden’s plan was severely impaired with logical aspects of job creation. His agenda doesn’t give any incentives to business owners rather Higher taxes than before. His agenda doesn’t make a promise to bring back jobs from overseas. His agenda focuses on Racial equality in workplaces apart from Paycheck Fairness Act but the missing point which majority of Americans question was, during his 8 year tenure, and with the First Black President, these could have happened in the first two years when Democrats were enjoying majority in both House and Senate. When he was part of the Senate and Government for nearly 55 years, why couldn’t he achieve it? Apart from this, his climate policy in the agenda sees millions of jobs created but with a hefty price tag of $2 Trillion  in the next four years. However, one thing which, his economic advisors ignored was that during the economic downturn and in the Pandemic situation with an already $1.2 Trillion Pandemic package given to aid every American, will another $2 Trillion be an effective way to create jobs? Considering the Solyndra scandal during the Obama administration will American ever believe this millions of jobs through Clean Energy? Of-course Clean Energy is needed but on whose price tag? 

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