– photography documentation by photographer IIPian Nikhil Chaudhary

Mumbai is an amazing place to celebrate some of the most popular Indian festivities. To talk about festivals, Mumbaikars wait throughout the year for the grand Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in and around the city. People from all over the country visit Mumbai during this time, to be a part of the magnificent festivities. 

Celebrated in the honour of the beloved elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesha “GANPATI”, it is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. It mainly involves the worshipping of an idol of Lord Ganesha in a temple or pandal and immersed in water in a process known as visarjan.
The most extravagant and elaborate ceremonies take place in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. But Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai is The Most Awaited Festival of Mumbaikars

The city brims with a different kind of energy. For an entire week, the city dons a new look. People from all walks of life become one with celebrations. Dancing with joy and hope as they welcome the idol of Ganesh into their homes and hearts. And it is with this fervor that they bid goodbye to their beloved god too. 

The events are a grand affair in Mumbai and the streets in and around are jam-packed at any time of the day; even nights are busy with people either lining up to be the first ones to see the idols. If you’re in Mumbai around this time, irrespective of where you are heading to, you’ll run into the celebrations at almost every street of Mumbai. The glitter of the evenings is lit by the countless aartis happening across mandaps and religious spots. Needless to say, this entire week brings together the spirit and hopes of the city’s people like no other. 


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