Some observations about Godhra every Hindu should know:
?37000 riots happened in Bharat prior to Godhra train massacre but not one during Indo Pak war.
?It is proven in the court that attack was pre-planned.
?Groups were formed with each given different tasks.
?One group was to procure petrol, second to sabotage fire brigade vehicle, third to put obstacles for police movement, fourth to stone the bogies of whole train so that no one can come out from train.
?The scale & determination of planning this genocide would put any insensitive person you know to shame.
?As per the FIR, 3000 people took part in the attack.
?Timing of train at Godhra station was 3 AM, it got late and arrived at 7 AM.
?If 3000 people actually took part there is probability of twice more knowing about the plan.
?As the train arrival got delayed by hours some mob went home.
?Actual plan was to burn the whole train.
?The planners very well knew if the entire train is burned Hindus will break political lines and counter attack muslims with brutal force.
?Whole country will see riots that will force GOI to pull back army from border and release the pressure on Pak.

Kafir Killing Fully Endorsed By Left Ecosystem Backed By Congress. But Sleeping Hindus Never Saw This Nexus 🙁

?How come not a single muslim stopped this huge mob with such dangerous idea at the planning stage and tried to dissuade them.
? Not a single muslim among thousands who knew of such plan make even an anonymous call to police to stop the massacre?
?Also evident that the Islamists were given assurance by the secular ecosystem of bailing them out by diverting the issue or via legal help.
?It’s very clear that ISI planned the attack to divert Bharatiya army and muslim population of the city wholeheartedly supported it.

Same modus operandi used in many cases till today.

It is pertinent to note that the one who burnt the train was a Corporator and the one who led one of the first mobs was also a Corporator. Both from Congress ?

Facts some of us knew but most of us didn’t. The precision with which it was planned shows their willingness to do anything needed and their unity is seen in the mobilisation of a large group to act in the way they did.

Godhra Massacre was an eyeopener for all Hindus. It shows how without provocation Hindus can be massacred. Sadly Hindus didn’t learnt any lesson and falls for the same Hindu-Muslim bhaichara or Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb nonsense.

?Godhra Massacre – was mass murder – where victims were labeled as aggressors and real aggressors were portrayed as victims – all by Lutyens media and gang with full blessings from the above by Antonio and her robot MMS.

? To hide this ghastly planned genocide, the focus and target was moved to riots & Modi with desi & international presstitutes cabal full on coverage of how only poor innocent muslims were killed in the riots initiated(!) by Hindus & fully supported by the then CM Narendra Modi with no reference to Godhra at all!

? The entire leftist ecosystem for nearly a decade and half continuously hounded Modi with fake takes (videos) & portals about his indirect involvement in (allowing) the riots in spite of Supreme Court giving him clean chit after detailed investigation.

? After 2002, no riots happened in Gujarat.

?Always remember how the Godhra Massacre “judicial probe” was given to a Retd. judge U C Banerjee based on his “willingness to prove that mass murder as accident” by the then Railway Minister Lalu in UPA.

Hindus must think through the implications and take clear stands to protect own generation and future generations.

Never forget, never forgive.

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