Almost all WhatsApp admins and group members have downloaded and created groups in signal, telegram etc but continue to chat in WhatsApp. That’s called inertia ?

If a deadline and action plan is not outlined, then the wave will die and we all would end up like jokers continuing on WhatsApp. ?

Don’t research on atmanirbhar for this. Current desi apps like jiochat, hike, elyments are nowhere in this quality league. GOI is very much aware of it and are working with desi nationalist biggies to create world class sm platforms for us. It will take time. Till then choose your new app as arrangement to quit whatsapp. It’s urgent.

Here’s a telegram message i received, sharing the same.

Steps To Follow Before 31st January
? If you are the admin/creator of your WhatsApp group, then immediately create a new group on your new messenger (signal or Telegram) with the same group image and share the group link in your WhatsApp group for members to move;

? Make sure you change the settings so that only admins can post messages in your WhatsApp group during this transition.

? Remove admin rights of other members so that there is almost no activity in the WhatsApp group and the last message visible to the group is the link of the new group.

? Ensure you share the link to this article as well as additional justification – because this move is not just for privacy reasons alone!

? Share this article to individuals via DM so that they come out of their wait-and-watch mode and do it quick. They already have installed the alternative and simply waiting for the world to move.

? If you are not a WhatsApp admin and only a passive reader, then share this article in the group or to the admin, and tell them that you are taking the required step.

? Most importantly DELETE your WhatsApp. Simply ONLY Uninstalling is not enough.

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