Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya’s words are sheer gold.

Aside from spirituality these words originating from Bhagwad Gita also find some worldly relevance as well – “Every action you send out into the universe comes back to you multifold. Actions by thoughts, words or deeds, and that includes the actions of stupidity.

A lot of Hindus are sending out the actions of stupidity into the universe by abandoning their roots, their festivals, their traditions, their rituals and their overall Sanatan Vedic culture. They try to imitate the westerners in everything they do. They want to always come across as thinking, talking, behaving, appearing and living like a foreigner particularly Americans and Europeans.

Many Desi Hindus of India devote most of their lifetime efforts copying Americans and Britishers, in fact they feel snarkily great about doing so. Copying the western lifestyle to maximum accuracies seems to have become the be all-end all of our existence. Saddest part is that we don’t just stop at it, all of this must be combined with the excessive self-reproach and an element of toxic secularism too, as if Sanatan Dharma itself wasn’t enough diverse & tolerant already.

So stupidities coming back to Hindus in multifold, albeit in many imperceptive ways. The current generation of Hindus must take cognizance of this rather inadvertent counter cultural tendency growing within their families and try to address it.

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