The leftist parties and their fellow travellers in the media keep crying hoarse that the Nehru Memorial Library has been purged of communists and Congress loyalists and replaced with BJP members and intellectuals associated with the Saffron party. The communists had staged huge protests for 135 days in 2015, when a BJP member Gajendra Chauhan was appointed as FTII Chairman and they also passed snide comments on senior journalist A Surya Prakash being made the Chairman of Prasar Bharati. The left indulges in a charade of holier than thou attitude while maintaining a tight iron clad grip over all academic and cultural institutions funded by the government and even privately owned charity educational institutions like Tata School of Social Sciences etc. It is so much water tight that even private entities fear that if they employ non-leftists in their research foundations, the left would arm twist its way by staging huge protests, union strikes against any of their commercial ventures and hurt their business interests.

Recently, it was reported by only one mainstream media organisation, The Pioneer dated 14.01.2021 and the Organiser, the mouth piece of the RSS, that a letter written by the Chairman of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy (Kerala State Film Academy) urged to fill up the government funded institution with Marxists and Islamic fundamentalists. The said letter was released dramatically by the Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala on the floor of the Kerala Assembly.

A copy of the letter written on August 17,2020, by Mohammed Majeed Kamaluddin (popularly known as Kamal), chairman of Kerala State Film  Academy, released shows him demanding from AK Balan, Minister of Culture in the Kerala Government, to regularise the Marxists and Islamists working in contract basis as permanent staff. The Pinarayi Vijayan led leftist government appointed Kamaluddin as the Chairman of the Film Academy for appeasing minorities. It is pertinent to note here that the CPI(M) recently formed a tacit political alliance with SDPI, a political front of the PFI, a fundamentalist organisation accused of many hate crimes and terrorist links.

Reportedly, Kamaluddin, a film director, was accused of a sexual abuse case in 2018. A young film artist had accused him of sexually abusing her with a promise of appointing her as a heroine in his upcoming movie.

Kamaluddin demanded in his letter to declare Shahji Hamsa Deputy Director (Festival), Rijoy KJ Festival Programme Manager, NP Sajeesh Deputy Director (Programmes) and Vimal Kumar Programme Manager, who have been working on contract basis, as permanent staff members of the Academy funded by the Government of Kerala.

Notably, the Film Academy holds annual International Film Festival of Kerala, Kamaluddin wanted that the posts responsible to hold these festivals should be filled up with Marxists. Kamaluddin brazenly stated in his letter that all cultural institutions in the state should be packed with Marxists and other fellow travellers of the party who follow the Marxists idelogy. He is quoted to have written that this should be done “to sustain the Leftist nature of the Film Academy”. He also mentioned that, “All cultural organisations funded by the Government of Kerala, viz Kerala Sahitya Academy, Music and Dance Academy, Folklore Academy, Academy of Fine Arts are jampacked with CPI (M) activities and fellow travellers of the party.”

Kerala State BJP leader Sandeep Vachaspati told Organiser that, “This is a classic example of nepotism. The Kerala State Chalachithra Academy is a publicly funded body and is definitely not funded by CPIM or AKG Centre. It is immature for the Chairman of KSCA to say that in an academy aided by the state government, the appointments should be made to promote Marxism,”. Sandeep warned that, “People of Kerala should take this seriously, Kamal is not just a film director. He has always taken a left-leaning political position on various issues. Kamal has done this to keep his masters happy,”

Sandeep, rightfully questioned that, “Kamal wanted to give these people permanent employment to increase the left’s hold over Malayalam film industry. In that case, why should any person affiliated to BJP, Congress or any other political party should pay tax to run this academy?”

This incident brings in open the modus operandi of the left which has made it a fascist ideology capturing all spheres of employment in academia, art, culture, cinema etc. where anyone who does not subscribe to the murderous theory of communism class wars is branded a pariah and outcaste. There are several instances where non-leftist academicians have suffered career loss of being denied promotions and publications of research works or books by State universities. For e.g. Delhi University’s History Professor Dr. Meenakshi Jain suffered a lot harassment at the hands of the communist cabal, so much so she had to use her personal money and publish her own books as neither the University nor was any other big publishing House ready to publish her books which are fine pieces of research on the various atrocities committed by Islamic invaders. She also could not find anyone to publish her book on Ram and Ayodhya Temple. Professor Saradindu Mukherji has also stated on record that the leftist infested academia had thwarted his promotions. Prof. Subramanian Swamy’s career as a brilliant academic was curtailed by the commie-Nehruvian nexus to unceremoniously throw him out of IIT Delhi as an economics professor because of his independent views on Indian economy.

So, Kamaluddin’s diktat does not come as a surprise, only an open secret was made public by the revealed letter to the communist Culture Minister of the Government of Kerala.

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