The deplorable spate of sectarian crime against Hindu in Andhra Pradesh during the last one year has sent shock waves to every sensible person throughout the society. Burning of Temple Chariot, Blocking temple entrance, Restricting the Hindu devotee, Converting Hindu to Christians belief, Encroaching Temple Land, Appointing non Hindu on Hindu Temple trust, Diverting Temple donation for other work, Desecrating temples and Breaking Hindu idols are the numerous abhorrent offence full of despise and hate, which is happening across AP for last one year.

The recent vandalization of the 400 hundred year old Lord Rama idol at Ramatheertham has finally shaken the society into disbelief. Is this all happening in today`s Andhra Pradesh or we are listening to a story of some Medieval era.

What has peeved the Hindu Society is insensitivity of electronic media and political leaders. Nothing more than a passing remark and minor condemnation has been reported.

The Andhra Pradesh Hindu society must now awake from its slumber and realize that caste based division of Hindu society conspired and feuded by political parties is a recipe of disaster for their posterity. Any delay from now would be a suicidal act.

While Social Media and some enlightened Hindu leaders have raised their voice against this oppression and administrative apathy, No concerted effort has been planned to address this hate crime as yet. Sensing some undercurrent of resentment, BJP is planning to take out a Ratha yatra in Andhra Pradesh to protest and create a mass awareness campaign against such abominable crimes.

This Rath Yatra appears to be programmed to commence from the first week of February from Ramatheertham in Vizianagaram district to Kapilatheertham in Tirupati. It has been named as Ram Rath Yatra which should see the participation of all its National leaders as well. It is proposed to travel through 13 districts in total creating mass awareness and mobilizing Hindu society.

The cause is sacred and intention is pious.

Even if this planned Rama Ratha Yatra commences as it is being heard in the media, it is too little and too late. Irreparable damage has been done to the Social fabrics and assuming that Hindu Society would forgive and forget is a stupidity. The series of planned assaults on Hindu sentiment and religious belief might not have stirred the conscience of secular intelligentsia, but it has certainly injured the tolerance and humility of larger Hindu society. In days to come, the resolve to fight and bring the culprit to justice will prove to be true.

Tirupati Balaji, a sheet of great reverence where this Yatra is set to complete, also has some social message to deliver. Intolerance and violence has not assaulted north only but south​ India​ as well. This Sacred places Tirupati also reminds us about the assault by Muslim invader Malik Kafur in medieval period. The Kingdom of Pandya could not resist as the two brothers Vira and Sundara Pandya were engaged in a succession battle and were divided. What happened afterwards, Loss of life and plunder of wealth! Little later, lesson was learnt and Pandya in the leadership of Vikrama Pandya united the warring soldier to attack the Muslim invaders. A vicious battle made the Muslim invader to retreat to north. The Gallant​ry​ of Vikram Pandya has been recorded in the 14th century Sanskrit classical Lilatilakam. However our leftist historian relied more on the recorded history of Al Baruni, Khusroo and Jiaauddin to ensure Vakram Pandya finds no mention in History books.History teaches every society how not to repeat the blunders of the past. A divided Society is set to decline and lose its culture, civilization and religion in due course. Hindu Society must learn and unite to defeat the conspiracy against Sanatan religion.​

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