Using InfoSys Indian Income Tax Form ITR-2: Personal Experience October 2021

Swarajyamag called InfoSys: "India’s iconic software services company." Might "Maharajah of Indian Software" be more appropriate, a la Air India, given the current quality, functionality, maintenance and service. My request to InfoSys and the IT department: Please read what users are saying, please check your software and FIX it. Thanks.

Somanath Syndrome

LOOK! LOOK! They are SHOOTING at ME! ME! Whom Everyone Loves!" - Leo Tolstoy's early-19th century Russian Colonel in "War and Peace". Today powerful Hindu Billionaires and rich parents shower money and endow Thrones at western universities so that they can select the worst anti-India, anti-Hindu conversionist/anarchist or conversionist-anarchist bigots to squat on said Thrones, write hate-p0rn books, "teach history" and throw poo at India, Hindus and all civilized humanity. And wonder why their children face such unreasoning hatred. Somanath Syndrome, 21st Century.

NewYorkTimes Contrast

Land of Ram and Maveli. Part 1: Why Our Dream is Different

It was always said that India posed "immense problems". People shook their heads wisely, and went on to criticize the government. And previous leaders. And were happy that they had contributed such wisdom. But what if someone were to actually sit down and see what was needed to solve **ALL** those problems, and figure out the order in which they should be solved, and make a plan to implement those solutions? What I suggest below is that this happened, in a manner that none of us, at least I, had really realized. All those naysayers have been shown up to be fools. Or worse.

The Mainstreaming of Hate Terror: Termite Mound Part 2

Those who brought "Color Revolution" to Syria, Iraq, Libya Yemen, Venezuela and Afghanistan appear to be driving towards a "Regime Change" in India. This in a nutshell is what this controversy is all about. Imagine your face being on CNN news as you try to cling to a C-17 out of Indian airports with the terrorist bigots on your heels. Where will you go? Which nation will welcome you? Perhaps it is smarter to put your foot down and fight while you still have legs?

Termite Mound Beneath the 9/11/2021 Terrorist Conference. Part 1 of Many.

In the 1990s, the Lashkar-e-Toiba used to raise funds from a website at U. Colorado Boulder. The present attack comes through the South Asia Scholars' Collective, a mutation of the PROXSA which mutated from COMINTERN, with Chinese cash. Rutgers brings a Conversionist-Communist link, Stockton adds just attention-seeking shrill losers. State-funded university Presidents should know better than to sponsor terrorists out to destroy democracy in a friendly nation. And do it on the 20th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on US soil, even as America mourns sons and daughters most recently murdered by terrorists? Has bigotry blinded these overpaid bureaucrats to the sheer optics, if not the ethics and long-term consequences, of this?

Background Of The 9/11/2021 Terrorist Conference: Implications for India & USA

Now that we know (it wasn’t hard to predict!) that sponsorship is not really coming from the cited universities, it is fair to ask where the resources are really coming from. It is again like 2001/2002, following the victory in the Kargil War, and the vindication of Indian concerns with the Pakistani involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attack. The hidden agenda of this September 11 terrorist conference may hold extreme, clear and present danger for both India and the United States. And for all free democracies and good people everywhere. With even Rutgers U. denying sponsoring, a new "List of supporters" shows that that this is a creation of JNU and Delhi U. losers in India and all over the world. See below what triggered the wailing and shrieking.

Kamlesh Kumari, CRPF