In Part 1 we looked at some of the entities beneath the “termite mound” that eats away at the structures of peaceful democracies. The most interesting development of the 2020s is that obviously-anarchic, foreign-funded, anti-national entities representing those who routinely murder people just for thinking, let alone worshipping, differently, are now celebrated as “mainstream” while those who mind their own business and go about their lives with honesty and hard work are labelled as “extremists”. Read on..

Redefining “Secular”

Rajendra Chola argues that Indian politics regressed since 1976 when the word “Secular” was added to the Republic’s name by the 42nd Amendment to the Constitution. He points out that said Amendment was passed at a time when most leaders of the Opposition to the ruling Indian National Congress (Indira) Party were in prison under the Emergency declared by the Prime Minister (that led to her ouster when she did allow an election in 1977). I have pointed out before, that despite all the criticism of the Emergency, the PM did call elections soon, and stepped down without fuss, and faced charges in court, in exemplary tradition – and won elections again, ruling until she was assassinated by foreign-funded religious extremists who nearly destroyed the nation. But it is important to understand this major objection that many Indian Nationalists raise today to the word “Secular” which gave government power over religious institutions: today in their view (testing my interpretation here), it has come to mean: “Vote-bank politics to appease extremists, particularly foreign-funded extremists, who hold our Constitution and Fundamental Rights in contempt”. In this view, a lopsided application of “secularism” to appease extremists is likely to destroy the democracy that holds India together. Recent events increasingly validate this concern.

Foreign Terrorists and Conversionists are “Secular”?

The primary faultlines of Indian society are along religious lines, not race, as India has massive diversity in apparent origins, though tied by ancient DNA. ,The “minority” today refers to those Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs – and to the Scheduled Castes and Tribes. Another term is “OBC”, or Oppressed and Backward Classes. Mostly referring to about 10% of Hindus, though some say the real fraction is many as 70%, making the vast majority. Buddhists, Jains, Jews and Parsis are small and hard-working minorities who do not appear to make much noise and are hence generally not favored by vote-bank appeasement. While Census figures tell one story, social media tells quite another: that a huge fraction of what are counted as Hindus have already been “converted” by the Christian Protestant Corporate Soul-Saving Enterprise driven by American and British money. This is particularly true of the most vulnerable segments of the population such as the Tribal Areas where law-abiding outsiders are banned from interfering, but well-heeled foreign conversionists do not seem to be under any such law – several Chief Ministers of States that are too bankrupt to pay their bills on time and even cheat long-term employees out of their hard-earned “gratuity” part of their pension/Provident Funds, appear to have nice personal kitties for frequent first-class foreign travel on personal business. In addition, a large segment of Hindus takes the Secular idea to extremes, and have become followers of various (Chinese-funded) Communist Parties of India which in turn undergo amoebic fission: CPI(R-Moscow, now nearly defunct), CPI(M for Marxist), CPI(ML, L for Leninist), CPI(MLMao), People’s War Group, Naxalites. The last three are outright violent extremist. PWG regularly posts Death Sentences on elected leaders, and the Naxalites are inspired by those who went around beheading small farmers in their Class Struggle, and graduated to killing policemen and women. In addition there are all sorts of combinations of the above. In short, ordinary citizens who must compete on merit, are getting sparse and far weaker than their numbers should merit.

Quoting India’s Vice President citing Swami Vivekananda is Google Hate Speech?

In 2018, I was organizing the 1st Abdul Kalam Conference, on “Sustainable Growth at Sustainable Cost”. Absolutely nothing to do with religion, politics or.. by my well-founded insistence, on the Pandora’s box of Higher Education. My announcement brought an enthusiastic response from a high entity (Vice-Chancellor of something U) in Bangladesh, who declared his intention to attend with a retinue of 6. This was before they realized that I would insist on original, credible intellectual contributions and that Working Groups meant exactly that. I included them in my mailing list, and the next announcement included a quote from His Excellency Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Vice-President of India, clearly marked as such, citing Gandhiji’s use of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings to bring progress to villages. Next thing I found that I could not send email from my conference Gmail account. One of said retinue, a “PhD candidate” in a Chinese university (School of Psychology in the Northwestern Normal University), had complained to Google about my “hateful” email.

In other words, these petty terrorists-in-training consider ANYTHING that respects Indian culture and traditions to be “hate speech.” Haraam. Fatwa to cut off tongues and arms.

Gmail did restore my sending privileges promptly. By emphatic request from Indian participants, I deleted the entire BD contingent, despite “apologies” from said VC Himself. I am sure Hindus in India will laugh at my naivete, being used to this sort of stuff daily. “Secularism” in reality.

Advice to India on Democracy and Secularism: From Chinese-Funded American Conversionists and Indian Communists.

Flash back to 2002, when I had to read the “literature” from the “Progressive (Terrorist) South Asian Communists” (PROXSA) and their various offspring. I found an amazingly prescient Conference, organized initially in early October 2001, by a Professor of English, Trustee of the Oberlin Foundation which was funding said Conference. To be held in April 2002. Called “Siting Secularism in India.” Whose only visible product was a Resolution Condemning the Indian Government for Genocide.

So why does the democratically elected Government of India, need advice on Secularism from a bunch of Chinese-funded communists and Islamist bigots funded by the Oberlin Foundation in America, whose advertised function is Protestant Corporate Conversionism? Aren’t 729 years of “converting heathens” resulting in the genocide of the entire First Nations of America enough achievement? And that with clear recent links to Communist Chinese funding? So that is “SECULAR”, but India’s government is not? I wonder if anyone in the Govt. of India is looking seriously into the activities of these entities, now concentrated in Tamil Nadu but linked as I had pointed out, to the Communist Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in the North/Northeast and maybe to the conversionist machine in Jharkhand/Odisha?

Waging Private Wars Against Foreign Nations- And One’s Own Using Foreign Money.

My understanding of US law is that private entities are not allowed to go wage war on other countries, particularly friendly nations with which the USA has full diplomatic relations. That prerogative is left to the appropriate government agencies with their long record of “regime change” and “Color Revolutions” and “Successful Withdrawals”.

There is a profusion of Indian passport-holders (to call them “Citizens” is offensive to the very concept of citizenship) who travel to the USA to participate in conferences to destabilize India, and conspire to overthrow the elected government (of India) by stirring up violence, and appealing to foreign governments to please invade, at least bomb, India. Back in about 2000, an Indian columnist did a “thought experiment” on Rediff.com, basically wet-dreaming about a US invasion of India. I may have caused him some slight discomfort. Using my Academic Freedom, of course.

Today several US citizens of Indian origin are sitting in India, in concert with US-based sibling/in-laws, doing the same conspiring. Against India. Writing articles is one thing, but actively conspiring with violent criminals who kill law-enforcement personnel, apparently crosses the line even in India’s ultra-liberal judicial system, resulting in one of them becoming a guest of the government. This is now cause for loud screams in the US about “Hindu Nationalist Regime’s Attacks on Journalists”. “Journalists” indeed! Aren’t ETHICS part of “Journalism” any more? Are “Journalists” there to CREATE the violence that they then celebrate? Perhaps India’s Penal Code should adopt some lessons from Singapore . .

Academic Freedom – JNU style

Today a “major” complaint is that New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University now has a new Vice Chancellor. They have just set up a graduate course on Counter-Terrorism as part of a Masters program in Security, intended for students who come with a B.Tech (engineering) degree. I am keenly aware of such a program that brought technology students and faculty into national security and policy, established after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, so I welcome this long-delayed move. That is anathema for JNU’s so-called “culture”: B.Tech students are technology graduates, smart people from schools such as the Indian Institutes of Technology, and not all or few, are the sort of dissipated whiny losers that make up most of JNU’s so-called “liberal studies” programs. More to the point, these students will recognize in a flash what they hear in cafeterias and other classes from their anti-national, terrorist-funded teachers and cohorts. By the way, JNU does have other programs that do good work, but let’s not bring them into this: they have enough trouble being outliers in a toxic bazaar.

JNU’s Teachers’ Association politicians refused to afford the teacher the academic freedom to offer the course, but were overruled. One gathers that the Association has little faith in their ability to brainwash the B.Tech grads. Unlike what they do to the non-merit JNU cohorts whose intra-cranial spaces they usually fill with commie “logic” before launching them to the West to places such as Stockton or Rutgers or Santa Clara or Toronto “Universities” to spread hate against India. To counter the Tech companies sending productive people all over the world. Now they are doing what they do best: Make noise. Spread hate. Irritate and waste everyone else’s time. This is at the root of their campaign against “Global Hindutva”, demanding that their hallucinations about “Hindu Terror” be included in the syllabus of that course.

The US/UK Deep State Role

President Joe Biden has picked up where he left off in 2016: remember that he was VP to President Obama as the US, with all its might, claimed to be uniquely unable to see, much less destroy, ISIS columns as they wended their way through the deserts of Iraq and Syria to assault the Yazidis, the cities of Mosul, Erbil, Sinjar, Palmyra, Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Deir ez Zor. Or carrying on a thriving trade with stolen oil and abducted children, convoys of trucks plying the long desert roads all day and night. Until President Putin of Russia sent a force consisting of 34 fixed wing and a few rotary wing (helicopters) and started destroying them in late 2015. Mr. Biden’s Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton presided over the start of the Libyan disaster. Mr. Biden was VP as Mr. Obama was pressured (and mostly declined) to launch massive airstrikes on Syria as “punishment” for Chemical weapon attacks that are strongly suspected to have been coordinated by British-based entities (if nothing else, they usually came almost predictably timed, when the Syrian government forces were winning by conventional means, and stood to gain nothing and lose everything by using banned weapons). Note that attacks using White Phosphorus, also a horrible chemical weapon, by Israeli forces in civilian areas of Gaza, have brought no such concern, let alone missile attacks, from America or NATO.

There are glaring parallels between the treachery at Mosul and against the Kurds who allied with America, and now at Kabul where the favorite Pakistani-led “Taliban” have been facilitated to pre-empt the plans for an inclusive governments by gifting the keys to the city. Along with a massive force of modern US equipment including combat helicopters (to avoid ISIS’ deficiency when the Russians came in), artillery, Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and thousands of cute uniforms with night-vision goggles and US Army boots. The latest automatic rifles to use on Kabul’s streets against the incredibly brave “demonstrators” who have dared to come out.

The Anti-National Industry

India’s Enforcement Directorate has “attached” the properties of Amnesty International, the British-based entity that outwardly claims to represent the powerless, unfairly incarcerated all all over world. That is, everywhere except in Britain where journalist Julian Assange is imprisoned and slowly tortured to death in a solitary confinement dungeon in blatant disregard or all civilized norms. Exactly why is he still in jail? The original cooked-up “rape” charge in Sweden has long-since been debunked. “British Sense of Fair Play. Justice”. But we digress.

Why is India unhappy about Amnesty International? Consider this: They are credibly charged with channeling resources first to Pakistani-backed terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir to attack Indian law-enforcement personnel, and now to the Pakistan-backed Khalistan terrorists behind the “Farmers Agitation” trying to overrun New Delhi and again attacking law-enforcement people. We saw this sort of “Anti-National Industry” exposed as early as 2006, in a short and hard-hitting, factual book by Kishen Kak and Radha Rajan (disclosure: I wrote 2 of the 6 chapters there). That’s a free download which I think you can find elsewhere too, please do read. If you want more on British “Charities” such ActionAid = ChristianAid, yes, there is a lot more. High time the ED acted.

On cue, we see that a cartel of Regime Change entities have given Awards to The Wire and other anti-Indian entities.

A Concluding Request

The same elements who control the strings of the present US regime appear to be encouraging the clear move towards a “Color Revolution” for “Regime Change” in India. This in a nutshell is what this controversy is all about. Imagine your face being on CNN news as you try to cling to a US C-17 out of Indian airports, or stand outside airports with your little children and maybe one sack of all your possessions, terrified for them and yourself. Where will you go? Which nation will welcome you or even let you in? The entities who claim to be exposing the imperfections of India, are those who deny all freedoms and rights to people wherever they are allowed to come to power. Even the right to life for most of us. Perhaps it is smarter to put your foot down and fight while you still have legs, and you still have a nation where democracy and freedom survive?

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