Article 370 removal only establishes an equivalence between jk and rest of states of India. Beyond that abolition of Art370 does little to solve Kashmir problem. This Article had become an article of faith for disgruntled politicians and leftist press of India. It sowed seeds of separation and terrorism in valley. It served just two families, namely Abdullah’s and Mufti family and deprived masses of benefits of GOI which it provides to states. State leaders instead of being grateful to centre started blackmailing GOI.

Critics call it illegal step. It is a well-established fact that legality takes back seat when it comes to nations security. Parliament is superior to all legal institutions in country. This abrogation was done with permission of parliament. No one takes permission of judiciary when it comes to war. Why did not free press of INDIA DEBATE IN LAST 72 YEARS ABOUT LEGALITY OF THIS ARTICLE?

Nehru bypassed parliament to enact this Article. Even our father of our constitution Mr BR Ambedkar opposed it. Nehru ignored his suggestions. Those who find faults, I ask them where were they when Ethnic cleansing in valley was going on? Where were human rights people when Kashmiri pundit was killed, his women raped , property burnt.? He was forced to leave valley empty handed.

How come free press of India ignored this mass cleansing of KP from valley? This press only harps on human rights violation of Kashmiri muslim who is real culprit in this show. Read articles by Arundati Roy , Guha , Barkha, Rajdeep etc who have been pleading separatists narrative. They call Kashmiri muslim victim and not perpetrator of crime in valley.

It took 72 years for GOI to abrogate this article. Our opposition instead of hailing this move have started a narrative which suites our enemy –Pakistan. Even Pakistan has now changed its narrative—from cultural autonomy to Muslim upsurge in India. They label it –Hindu racism. It is outreaching muslim world wide and muslims of India to oppose India.

For Islamabad India is now target. They are working with disgruntled politicians and Luteyen press to work out a strategy to destabilize India. A movement of
separation is being given color of Muslim dimension. Whole Ummah is being approached to help “Operation liberate Kashmir”. They are talking about human rights violations in valley, ignoring how they treat minorities in their country . Even rest of world is ignoring human rights violations in Pakistan and China but only talk of rights violations in valley –pure hypocrisy. Imran calls Modi , a Fascist.

Even a repair of temple in Islamabad invoked Jihad against minorities in Pakistan. It is ironical China talks of restoring democracy in valley when itself it runs an authoritarian rule in its country. Pakistan talks of human right violation in valley , when its country is run by dictates of terrorist organizations whose first job is to annihilate minorities in Pakistan. Farooq Abdullah recently called Hurriyat to lead Tahreek of liberation in valley. It is interesting to note despite three decades of impasse on economics in Kashmir ,no one has died of hunger in valley? This shows how much of money has been pumped by Islamic world including Pakistan in Kashmir.

Kashmir needs no economic support to survive. AFSPA, Army bunkers , shoot outs are not root cause of Kashmir problem as touted by leftists and journalists like Burkha , Rajdeep. Zia used religious card [1989-1990] vigorously to promote religious fanaticism in valley. What we witness is a Islamic war in valley. Accession of 1947,Art370 were just excuses to continue Islamic agenda. Abdullah’s and Mufti’s only ensured that state remains in hands of Sunni’s.

This Islamic narrative is reminded to people every Friday.

Kashmir issue is not a political or economical , never was. It is not a problem of alienation, education, corruption or elections. It is a problem of religion. We should realize and acknowledge it is a religious identity issue. It is a religious jihad to hurt India. It is part of Gazwa –e-Hind. Muslims of subcontinent believe that Muslims will rise in Hind , destroy all temples and Idols and enforce Islam in whole of India.

After this they will march to Europe. This is the mind set of muslims of India. Muslims believe in superiority of their religion and social order. They believe in Ummah[muslim brotherhood] , not universal brotherhood. They are loyal to Ummah and not to country they live. THIS mind set of muslims is explained in depth by Dr AMBEDKAR in his book—“-Pakistan or partition of India”.

They call Hindus-Kafir , a derogatory word. This shows how much they love and respect you. Secularism and democracy are antithesis of Islam. For muslim Islam comes first and Islamic identity is above nation. Mind you , this is not a radical Islam. It is a view point even moderates among muslims adhere to.

Owasi tells you that KALAM was not a good muslim as he practiced vegetarianism and read Bhagwat Gita. MUSLIMS are prohibited to read other religions books but are ready to criticize other religions and pose Islam as ultimate religion. See how they treat minorities where Sharia laws are in force.

With above in mind one has to find realistic road map ahead for J and k. We should shun rhetoric’s like—Getting POK back , Crushing Pakistan and annihilating terrorists. India has to learn to live with Islamic radicalization and find short and long term solutions to counter it. Kashmiri Pundit was evicted from valley because of his Indian identity and religion so his return to valley is not practical yet as Jihadi environment continues in valley.

There are two alternatives for GOI post abrogation.


Settling non-muslims from rest of India in valley to change demography of valley. This is a measure which will be bitterly opposed by Pakistan and muslim world. It can lead to bitter Indo pak war. One very much doubts whether GOI will ever think on these lines as this move even will be opposed by congress/communists for their personal and survival reasons. Least GOI could do is to settle ex-servicemen, both police and military in every district of valley. This will curtail any uprising in affected zone. This measure will also ensure early peace and check mating terrorist activity.

2. Slow process: It will be slow , long drawn with no guaranteed results.

  • Delimitation commission needs to be told to submit its report as early as possible. Jammu needs to get rightful stake in power. This should be followed by elections. Sooner elections, better for nation and state too. Putting democracy back on track in valley will remove many apprehensions both at state and central level. It will seal mouth of human rights commission which these days is busy accusing India of human rights violations in valley.
  • CUT off all funding to Madrassas and radical programs. We need to have close watch on activities of Madrasas and social organizations in valley who in garb of human service spread hatred narrative against India.
  • Choke all terrorist activities.
  • FLUSH out radicals from areas of influence and clean up administration.
  • Form a sort of Jammu owned cabinet.
  • Educational system in valley should have positive outlook towards India.
  • Promote business where locals have more say , horticulture, handicrafts , Tourism etc. This will ensure less disruptions in business in future.
  • Students of valley should be allowed to study outside state on reciprocal basis. This means outside state students should be able to study in valley. This will help in national integration. At present this arrangement has been stopped in medical and engineering colleges of state.
  • Before announcement of elections JK should get back statehood. This will clear many misgiving’s UT status has created amongst people in valley.
  • VIP treatment of state needs to end. No appeasement policy hence forth. This appeasement in past has caused social distancing and grievances. The malpractice of enjoying fruits of schemes meant for minorities by Kashmiri muslim should stop immediately. Special quota in education for kashmiri’s needs to be scrapped.
  • No showering of funds under the garb of development. Kashmir is far more developed than many states of India. No Kashmiri lives in Jugi , no deaths due to hunger or cold. Average Kashmiri is better off economically. Development slogan is a rhetoric to fool masses used by politicians in valley.

It needs to be emphasized that for development peace is essential. Violence and development are antagonists to each other. Kashmir under no circumstances is underdeveloped state. See states of UP , Bihar, West Bengal. , Orissa. Kashmir is a problem of Islamic radicalism and not underdevelopment, this whole country has got to understand.

Corona has given lot of breathing time to GOI to place its policies in place vis-à-vis Kashmir. By delaying required actions in valley lot of good will gained will be lost. India
cannot afford delay in action as Kashmir has become international issue. Till the time the jihadi environment in valley dies down govt of day needs to protect life and property of Kashmiri pundits.

Return of KP to valley looks like a distant dream. KP did not leave valley because of Art 370. He was evicted because of his Hindu identity The Islamist and Jihadi movement still remains in valley so return of KP is not practical yet. Division of JK in to two states can be thought off to localize Islamists to valley only but proposal has some draw backs.

In the end I would once again say Kashmir is not problem of alienation and unemployment as projected by our free press and some politicians but a problem of Islamic radicalization. Azadi slogan is no longer heard in valley. India needs to develop a strategy to delegitimize this movement and stop its spread to rest of country.

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