A Work In Progress. Which should be sufficient to qualify as Dean at a modern US university such as Stockton.

News Flash: Per Times of India, Sep. 1, Rutgers President Holloway denies that his ‘university’ sponsored the event. BUT.. individuals at his institution may be participating.. academic freedom.. etc. Belated wisdom, partial. So he confirms that his flunkies put their institutional name and logo as sponsors – and they were lying. Par for the course of Academic Integrity, Rutgertva style. Nothing to do with any real institution of Higher Education, of course.

In 2020 and ’21, caring teachers around the world have been under extreme stress, scrambling to convert their notes to ZOOM delivery, and straining to help their students learn through whatever electronic resources available. Ever tried learning Astrodynamics through a $100 mobile phone with a poor connection? Or the US Constitution? Or Calculus 101? Inorganic Chemistry? Kids are learning.. well.. about as well as adults who depend on Twitter to do their thinking for them. So please try to understand how I, and others feel when we see how certain college Presidents – yes, at fewer than 3% of North American universities – and their bigot cohorts have been spending the past year. Consider the mind-set of those who set off bombs amidst the desperate families huddled outside Kabul airport. Welcome to the destructive hate-propaganda and RoadRunner Show type conspiracies of the Marxist-Islamist-Conversionist-Political Combine. One of whose termite mounds is called the South Asia Progressives/ Collective. Or let’s call them the Global Terroristva Hate Commune (GTHC). Led from Jonathan Holloway‘s Rutgers, Harvey Kesselman‘s Stockton, and Todd Saliman‘s U. Colorado Boulder. It’s fewer than 3% of universities, but they have created a stink all over, and wasted so very much of our time that was needed to help our students. Isn’t it time to end this nonsense?


Image from a video posted by Hindu students on how they are "EXHAUSTED" by the hate campaigns against them, but plan to stand up and be heard.

Please take a moment to watch this appeal from students in American universities.


Circa August 8, entities who work for the above three, posted and circulated an announcement for the 9/11/2021 Terrorist Conference. To sneer at the rest of us on the 20th anniversary of the massive terrorist attack that left over 3300 Americans dead in New York, Washington, and a field in Pennsylvania. Whose fallout has caused the violent death, disablement, displacement and other traumatization of tens of millions of human beings. There were other “co-sponsors” of the Terrorist Conference, but none who were as “in-our-faces” as the above three when we kindly explained to them what their flunkies were doing, and asked them to deny or withdraw their announced “co-sponsorship”. So there is nothing at all unfair in ascribing them top billing and “credit” where credit is due. To be fair (wonder why I care when they do not), Saliman only took over on June 2, but thousands of letters did go out to him, with no apparent effect. So Todd Saliman is equally guilty. Holloway is described as a “Historian”. Kesselman seems to run a college whose main strategy for name-recognition is to put out hate propaganda under his institutional banner, as exposed and analyzed in due course.

The antics of the “DGH” (latest acronym of the GTHC) are described by others elsewhere. I am going to focus on their associations, continuing from my previous post. Then move on to a point-by-point deconstruction of their propaganda which I consider to be absolutely, criminally false and malicious. Universities that employ people of such unethical and hate-filled mentalities, not to mention utterly sloppy “output” and rotten disposition, should be de-accredited and asked to return the fees that they have stolen from students, and compensate them for the wasted years. Taxpayer-funded agencies that put money into these scofflaw-led dumps, should be asked to get the money back and repay taxpayers. The Government of India should at least put out a warning to unwary Indian parents intending to send their children and money to all 30 dumps, but mainly these 3. Note that 97% of North American Universities have at least had the basic intelligence to keep their names and emblems out of this, though I cannot say that the problems are not widespread.


Over 30 universities have still failed to clarify their disassociation with the DGH. Most are probably unwitting (or witless) suckers. The above 3 are not, so I will endeavor to touch upon the contributions of each. UC Boulder from present proof and historical evidence. Rutgers from their notorious and systematic hate campaigns against Hindus, and by proximity to Stockton. Stockton because their Dean of General Studies “Dr.” Robert Gregg was first to send a most entertaining reply to our concerns, which email was later found apparently plagiarized, by reference to one from U. Toronto. For now our research has not been able to study U. Toronto’s deep historical association to the Khalistan and other terrorists, not to mention their South Asia Civilization Centre’s ability to compose a single sentence on their own, are beyond the scope of this paper. (See update on citizen reaction below). Stockton also because of its explicit, deliberate, malicious, shameless and demonstrably dishonest campaign of hate with its logo and official sponsorship beyond doubt. But in this first part we just scratch the surface of the termite mound. Update Sep. 3: People in Toronto have taken to the streets with signs demanding that U.Toronto administrators withdraw the University’s support to the terrorist conference, and that all guilty administrators be named. They have also filed hate-crime charges with the Toronto Police and are framing charges of misusing tax dollars for illegal purposes.

There is no indication of any response from said administrators except the apparently plagiarized email mentioned earlier. The U.Toronto Acting Director’s name is not specified but the Centre’s faculty and their interests are listed here. The Stockton Dean is Professor Robert Gregg. This email appears to be one of the 4 completed works publicly available as his literary record, so we hope he is indeed the original author of this one.


Tweet from COHNA.org showing evidently plagiarized email rationalizing (illegal) university support for the bigot terrorists.

U.Colorado Boulder

Advertisement for the 9/11/2021 Terrorist Conference at the website of the Center for Asian Studies, (Lauren Collins, Program Director), University of Colorado at Boulder (Todd Saliman, President. Downloaded 8/24/2021).

A university with active research in many areas, and funding from several taxpayer-funded agencies, e.g., the NOAA, the NREL, NASA and the DoD, U.Co Boulder does not need to scrounge for attention by sponsoring a terrorist conference. However, as early as the 1990s, the now-banned Pakistani Lashkar-e-Toiba used to advertise fundraising giving UCo Boulder bank account and address information. Today their activities appear to be run through the Center for Asian Studies, which put up a poster for the 9/11/2021 Terrorist Conference (see above). Clearly a willing sponsor. The activities of entities there including those on the Executive Committee of the CAS, would be interesting to investigate more carefully than I have time or resources to do. President Saliman cannot escape direct responsibility for the use of the university’s name, logo and website.

We will prove, if proof were needed, that this conference is aimed to destabilize and overthrow the elected government of the world’s largest democracy, India, a friend and strategic partner of the USA. That a US public university receiving federal and State tax dollar funding, indulges in such activities, appears to directly violate a spectrum of laws, for which President Saliman again bears ultimate responsibility. That his office ignores appeals from American taxpayers to stop the hate campaign against our students, is disgusting and inexcusable. Perhaps the old saying, “Do not mistake for malice, that which is perfectly explained as stupidity” applies here. Good luck Dr. Saliman, using that line to the IRS and the FBI and the State Attorney-General’s Office. And your Board of Regents!

Rutgers, Marxist Politburo of Hinduphobia-stan


Where does one even start, with the role of Rutgers “University” in hate against Hindus and India? an article at this Kreately forum some time back horrified me. Sadly enough, I too remember all too well the incident and can confirm what is written there. Typing “Rutgers HinduPhobia” on Google Search got 7740 hits in 0.42 seconds with 8 more search terms suggested.

Rutgers is said to have “officially recognized” HinduPhobia per an OpIndia article. Their Vice-President for Diversity is said to have then blocked the Twitter handle of Hindu students pointing out the systematic hate campaign by Rutgers faculty – but not the Twitter handles of their hate-spewing employees. The students did not give up, and matters appear to have reached the Chancellor of the University System. That may have passed some pain and temporary enlightenment down the termite mound. Indeed, Vice President for Equity (as Orwellian a term as can be conjured) Enobong (“Anna” for the Truly Sophisticated) Branch changed her tone from the arrogance of a month or two before, and sent the following masterpiece of academic-administrator triple-speak, on March 21, 2021:

Letter from Enobong (Anna) Branch, Senior Vice President for Equity, following a meeting with the University System Chancellor who made cooing noises at a meeting with students. On March 21, 2021.

On April 28 the student conducted a Hinduphobia Conference at Rutgers. However, VP Enobong Branch’s admin-speak promises lasted less than 4 months. By August, Comrade Associate Professor Trusche was going full blast with her version of “scholarship”, with a “Manual/Handbook for Teachers to Deal with Right-Wing Students”, and her loud advertisement of the 9/11/2021 Terrorist Conference. Truschke identifies herself as one of the authors with this quote (emphases mine):

The field manual was written by the South Asia Scholar Activist Collective (SASAC), a group of scholars and activists of South Asian studies based in North America. We ground ourselves on two pillars: scholarship and inclusive, progressive politics.

Twitter page of Dr. Audrey Truschke, Rutgers University. July 6, 2021.

The first hint is that they call themselves “Scholars” because no one in their senses would do so. Many are barely out of high school, with the academic accomplishment of pre-kindergartners. Secondly, I remember this gang from over two decades ago. The original Mother Ship was called PROXSA (according to their own history recital which is probably a lie too). “Progressives (Communist losers, crossed out with an X) of South Asia. The South Asia Academic Collective (SAAC) was its offspring. The South Asia Scholar Activist Collective is the latest permutation, but leaves their original organizational website name: https://www.southasiacollective.org/ To old-timers who have watched the FOIL, FOSA, SAAC, PROXSA, NRI-SAHI, Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment, AID, AID-India, SINGH Foundation, Babbar Khalsa, Lashkar e Toiba, People’s War Group, CPI(M/L), CPI(M/L-Maoist) et al, this “removes all doubt” about what I wrote a few days ago, and what I wrote 16 years ago. The SINGH Foundation, by the way, has nothing to do with Guru Nanak. It was a “non-profit charity” whose latest name mutation is to Secular Inter National Growth and Harmony. The scam that channelled terrorist funding to the Campaign to Stop Funding Hatred, (maybe related to the British entity of a similar name) in addition to the funds channeled by one of Teesta Setalwad‘s many scams from Mumbai. We studied it. At the time it had a total of 92 % (ninety-two percent!) “overhead” to deliver the remaining 8 percent to unspecified charitable causes. “Rob the Rich, Feed The Poor, and We ARE The Poor!”. Such heroic entities as “Professor” (he was not) Biju Mathew, “Professor” (she was not) Angana Chatterji, Vijay Prashad, Shalini Gera, Akhila Ra(h)man, and others to come up with the hilarious but ill-fated “Comprehensive Report” that I mentioned before.

Truschke represents the complex convergence of terrorist interests, with the common aim of turning India into another of their playgrounds such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Serbia-Bosnia-Croatia-Kosovo, and Yemen. Following up the rich traditions of genocide, Democide and slavery inflicted upon East Pakistan in 1947 to 1971, undivided India itself in 1947, Kashmir in 1947-1948, Cambodia/Kampuchea in the 1970s, Vietnam, most of Africa over centuries, the Phillippines, Central America, South America, and Polynesia. What is left? The Republic of India, and that is what galls them. Truschke’s father is (I have no way of confirming) a former conversionist Missionary – and she follows in the destructive trail of similar “South Asia Scholars” at Emory U. (Jharkhand and Maharashtra conversionism), and various others. With the added credential of explicit membership in the communist PROXSA. Yes I know she says it is SASC or whatever. But they are direct descendants of PROXSA) and in turn, COMINTERN. Now shifted to the mother lode of Red Chinese money. Perhaps you empathize, and see why Miss Truschke keeps repeating what she memorized in childhood from all those little books that the Jubilee Mission Baptist Church spreads so generously all around the world abusing other people’s faith with blatant lies. Poor thing: that is her version of “History”, other than what the Communists made her memorize. A version endorsed by no less than President Biden’s National Endowment for the (in)Humanities with a grant to write the next great Textbook Of Indian History. One might hope that slave-owner-founded Rutgers’ Jonathan Holloway, with his own background, should know better than to foment the same hatreds and demonization used to enslave his own ancestors by the same entities. One would hope in vain.

Rutgers Vice President Enobong (Anna) Branch obviously approved of all this, since Rutgers prominently advertised their name and emblem as co-sponsors of said Terrorist Conference less than 5 months after her “letter”. What an example of sincerity to set!

More on the realities of Rutgers and Stockton and their awesome credentials to criticize “Hindu Nationalist India”. Spend a moment browsing the link at the very top, to the advertised credentials of their Dean of General Studies as starters. I wonder if I too can be Dean at Stockton, since I am “going to”, and “been working on” and so on. Just as preview, President Kesselman’s predecessor was described as a “scholar on George Santayana” but had to “step down” (tut-tut!) due to some shady real estate/ gambling deals on the side. It IS New Jersey, yes, I know. I watched “OSCAR” and was deeply impressed with the intellectual traditions of those parts.

To be continued. So many terrorists, so little time!



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