When I grow up, I want to be an Administrator at Rutgers “University”. I am writing this from memory of media reports while I was busy at work, apologies in advance for any factual errors.

Rutgers University seems to be an Administrator’s dream domain.  Some years back  they apparently allowed adult strangers to come and go as they pleased in the freshman dorm for any and all activities including sex with first-year students. Laissez-Faire, to put it in my elegant French. “Academic Freedom” to put it in Rutgers terminology.

An Indian kid (Hindu, best I could determine, because Rutgers certainly treated him as sub-human or worse) happened to be roommate to one of the victims “groomed” there. Imagine, if you can, that you are a first-year student in a strange country, first time away from home, and you get hit with this shattering realization! He got nowhere trying to alert Rutgers administrators about this wonderfully intellectual and wholesome environment. Being brought up in India, not used to the sophisticated ways of Sodom and Gomorrah, he may have been under the mistaken impression that “doing homework” at Rutgers meant reading textbooks or solving math problems. Having run out of options in trying to get Rutgers Authorities’ attention, he allegedly used his engineering skills. He got evidence. The Admins must have ignored it, because the poor kid saw no option left but to post the evidence on Social media so that hey, larger Society might see the realities at Rutgers and maybe take notice and do something. He was tragically wrong! The roommate kid  jumped off a bridge – or so the official version goes. The local “law enforcement” couldn’t find any evidence of “foul play” – if they ever thought to look for it. No action was taken against the reported 30-year-old who came for “homework”, as best I could determine. Instead the Indian kid was yelled-at, humiliated, expelled, arrested, and sent to JAIL! (presumably so they could use him too as a victim for Rutgers Freshman Homework Activities I suppose). Perhaps the lawyer that his parents could afford was also a Rutgers alum. Perhaps there was nothing that could be done – witness the fate of Julian Assange for exposing the truth about hanky-panky.

Eventually the kid was released and I think returned to India. Yes I know his name, but think he should be left alone. Point is – I have seen no indication that any Rutgers admins got disciplined for running a brothel in the freshman dorm. See above: Admin Heaven, Rutgers.

More recently, Rutgers has hit the news again. While other institutions scrambled to build ventilators and faculty were struggling with  some hitting the news, to find cures for COVID-19, Rutgers faculty were busy doing what they do best: spout bigot hatred. Again against Indians, Hindus specifically. From what I read, one of their most famous faculty is still an Associate Professor. This prodigy has already produced a total of 3 books, 9 peer-reviewed journal articles, 10 assorted short articles and book chapters, and wow! TWO ENCYCLOPEDIA ESSAYS!

Plus 7 “book reviews”, 24 Letters To Editors/ blog posts/inscriptions on toilet walls, and 8 Podcasts. Not counting her daily sewage stream of bigoted Tweets. 

I wondered. She doesn’t seem to be able to teach anything except her version of “Hinduism”.  Unlike engineering/science faculty she doesn’t have to actually do anything or get any new results before publishing, so how does she manage to occupy her time? The answer: A stunning 85 (Eighty-Five!!) “Conference” and “Invited” TALKS. Move over, Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zuwahiri! Beyond his Muridke Address to the Lashkar-e-Toiba (“Calling on All Muslims to Kill Americans”) there is very little that I can find from the dead terrorist. Not even Dr. Ayman Al Zuwahiri, 2nd-in-command of “Al Qaida” in his day, had this many Talks, not counting daily Fatwas to chop off an hand or arm here or a tonque or foot or head there, at half-time at Kabul soccer stadium.

I want to commend Dr. Truschke. Her credentials indeed surpass those of many 3rd  year engineering graduate students. Remembering again that unlike those students, she does not have to come up with any new results to publish papers even by Peer Review in her field. Even of a few Assistant Professors at places like Rider or Santa Cruz “universities”. Recently Dr. Truschke has even obtained a Federal Grant to write “a 1-volume History of India”. Yippee!! Holding my breath… in training to hold my nose.

Her credentials are also far better than those of a Dean at nearby Stockton University, the ONLY “university” that has so far admitted sponsoring the 2021 September 11 Terrorist Conference: “Dr. (?) XXXX is Dean of the School of General Studies and a Professor of History. He created and supports the American Studies Master of Arts Study Abroad Award for the benefit of Stockton students. His publications include a work on African-American migration (Sparks from the Anvil of Oppression), one on comparative history (Inside Out, Outside In), and an edited encyclopedia (Routledge’s Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture). He has been working on papers on the policing of terror in the United States and the British Empire between 1860 and 1940, and another on the theoretical underpinnings of collateral damage. He has begun research for a volume entitled “The Imperial Family,” and he has also been working with Ken Tompkins (LITT) on an edited volume covering the 40 years of Stockton’s existence.” Gotta run and update MY CV: I “have been working” on a history of Africa covering the past 4 million years. Another on the Comparative Sexual Preferences and Practices of Scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts, University Football Coaches, Emory South Asia Faculty, Canadian Church School Administrators and Vatican Cardinals. So many bigots, so little time!

In fact getting funding from the AMERICAN government is very new in this circus. Their usual funding sources are entities connected to the People’s Liberation Army of the Communist Party of China, various entities linked to human trafficking a.k.a. “conversion”, the hate gangs of Pakistan’s ISI, to name a few. So the loud crowing about the grant is understandable. Who in the US Government has been trying to earn the Golden Fleece Award (remember Senator Proxmire?) is a different question. Compared to the thousands of brand-new Humvees and anti-tank missiles just “grant”ed to the Taliban terrorists by the same government, its a pittance, surely.

Dr. Truschke is the poster heroine of the anti-Hindu, anti-India  bigots exemplified by the New York Times, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, only the first and third being known to receive extensive funding from the People’s Republic of China via the People’s Daily or the South China Post.

Rutgers assigning her to teach Hinduism is no doubt deliberate: no one can be that ignorant, given the awesome publicity that her activities generates. See sample, Figure 1, done on a given working day, presumably on Rutgers paid time, when others are trying to figure out the RNA structure of COVID-19, or Machine Language algorithms to interpret RT-PCR tests, trying to decode Dr. Fauci’s latest fatwas, or some such.

This is again Rutgers Administration at its finest. Assign Abu Bakker Baghdadi of the ISIS to teach Christianity. Ayatollah Khomeini to teach Judaism. Chairman Xi to teach Democracy and Individual Freedom. Associate Professor Truschke to teach Hinduism. “Everyone should do what they do best” as Charles Bronson said in “Telefon”.

I wonder if the freshman dorm is still a money maker for Rutgers Admins: no news on that leaks out, for obvious reasons after that Indian kid’s traumatic experience. Maybe they insist that visiting adults during Homework hours wear masks if nothing else.

Some months ago the tortured Hindu students at Rutgers actually spoke out. They drew attention to the daily goings-on in their classrooms. They sent letters to the Vice Provost for Sneering At Hindu Students’ Concerns or something. Her arrogance, well.. made that of Emory “College” Dean Paullus back in 2004 during the Emory Limp Phaullus circus, look polite, but is now surpassed by that of the Dean of Bigotry at public-funded Stockton “university”. Rutgers’ President of course was a Star as always: Way Above the Clouds and Rarely Seen By Daylight. But the Chancellor seems to have got involved. They conducted some sort of event at which the students spoke out in detail. The Chancellor gave the usual platitudes.

The Rutgers Truschke Circus rolls on, months later. And it has just turned a whole lot more entertaining, if one is into Disaster Movies or “Friday The Thirteenth, Part 16”.

The Circus has announced a Terrorist Conference. On September 10-12. Note for Rutgers alumni: that includes September 11, the 20th anniversary of when 19 terrorists hijacked 4 commercial airliners, cut the throats of pilots and flight attendants, and flew the planes into a field in Pennslvania (when desperate passengers fought them) and into the Pentagon in Washington DC, and two skyscrapers of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City when the passengers could not. Over 3,300 innocents perished. But this conference presumably is not in memory of the victims, but to celebrate the memory of those 19 terrorists. Absolutely IN OUR FACES. And those of the relatives of over 6000 American soldiers killed in uprooting the terrorists as best they could, or the thousands traumatized and those left with PTSD. The millions suffering and grieving under the genocides and slavery and rapes of the ISIS in the Middle East and the Communists in China.  Truschke is listed as one of the co-organizers (after all, see above, organizing conferences and Talks and Tweets is her main time-pass). They claim 40 “co-sponsorship” by 40 Universities, but I could count only 21. I guess arithmetic is not a required subject at Rutgers any more than Honesty is.

The theme? “Dismantling Hindutva”.

What exactly is “Hindutva”? India’s Supreme Court defined it precisely some decades ago: It is the state of being Hindu. What exactly is “Hindu”? It is the name used by the illiterate looters from the Middle East and Central Asia, for the civilized, peaceful people who lived near and East of the Sapta Sindhu, the confluence of the Seven Rivers. In other words, those who use the term know very well, that they mean ***ALL HINDUS*** and since India is 80% Hindus, **ALL INDIANS***. Of course some of the organizers are Indian themselves, by citizenship or descent. Nothing new there: So are Arundhoti Rai and Pankaj Mishra. Because their peeve is that their genocidal plans for India and Indians, are temporarily frustrated by this terrible obstacle called Democracy: the people of India have been using their free vote to elect people who represent them, rather than choosing to be under the Mughals or the Vatican or the Baptist Church or the Communist Party of China – or their combined babies, the ISIS and the “Taliban”. This conference is, make no mistake, a Call For Genocide Against Hindus and All Indians. Why on 9/11? Because it commemorates their other “Herrow”( Pakinglish for “Hero”), Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, with his famous Muridke, Lahore, Pakistan call circa 1998, Calling On All Muslims To Kill Americans.

With the Americans out of Afghanistan, full attention now turns to the real unfinished business of the Caliphate, the Communist Party now nurtured by Beijing, and the extremist Conversionists of the Crusades and the Inquisition: Converting or killing 1.4 Billion Indians, wiping out the Hindu culture that seems to keep India getting stronger every year against all odds.

Rutgers is to modern-day terrorists what the Binori Madarssa and Muridke were to Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zuwahiri. And its Administrators are like the rulers of 1990s Afghanistan, and present-day Pakistan. Innocent. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. And most of all, do-nothing.

And hey, the record so far says, the Taliban wins. If your attention and energy waver and you let yourself be led by cretins.

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