Since the early 1990s, there is a growing convergence of interests and conspiracies between diverse entities, the idea of whose collaboration induces cognitive dissonance. The common interest is the destruction and conquest of free democracies that at least try to protect freedom of thought, speech, worship and association, and reward merit and hard work. The conspiracies have been diverse, ranging from trying to destroy organizations that help leprosy patients, orphans, abused women and children, and disabled war veterans, a broad spectrum of terrorist attacks, inciting fear and hatred between communities, and attacks on elected leaders as well as law enforcement personnel. The visible tip of this toxic conglomerate is a community of so-called academics with little apparent productivity or scholarship by legitimate metrics, periodically gathering to make rude noises. One such conference is scheduled to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attack on New York and Washington DC. This paper reveals some connections to warn of the startling similarities with 2002, when 3 terrorist attacks designed to incite mass riots were conducted in quick succession, the third one successful in its aim. It is emphasized that the visible conference participants are in most cases, despite their shrill expressions of hate, not of a level or mental quality that would be trusted with the real purpose and business of these conferences. “Unwitting Useful….” would be a good description, as of those institutional entities seeking attention as claimed “co-sponsors” of the Conference.


There is a Conference coming up in the USA on September 10-12, 2021. It is advertised as Dismantling Hindutva. Being virtual with free registration, many will register; so did I. The organizers’ claim that it is co-sponsored by “40” and then “50” universities out of a total of over 1100 in USA and Canada, has come unravelling in hilarious manner. At least 9 of those universities, and two US lawmakers, have hastened to publicly deny any knowledge, and several others have asked the organizers to remove all reference to their institution. As a result the organizers sheepishly took down their website (clear indication of a blunt legal threat) and stopped displaying university names and logos. Instead they have published a long list of their so-called supporters. Most are obviously those brainwashed at Delhi’s JNU, Delhi University, and their infections worldwide.

The 9 sensible ones are:

  1. Dalhousie University 2. University of Massachussetts. 3. University of Washington. 4. University of Texas. 5. Stanford University. 6. University of Colorado at Boulder. 7. University of Virginia. 8. Rutgers. 9. Harvard University

On Aug. 23, The Sunday afternoon after our letters to them went out on Friday, Stanford’s Authorities made very clear Sunday afternoon that they have not endorsed, nor permitted, the use of the university’s name or logo for any such Conference, nor do they support such things. (Nothing less was expected of a smart university!) And they have demanded that the organizers remove Stanford’s name and any emblem, and cease and desist from such stunts in future.

On Friday Sep. 3, Rutgers President Holloway seems to have slithered out, still mumbling their usual hypocrisy about “Academic Freedom”, but making it clear that there is no institutional backing for the hate/terror conference. See this very clear YouTube video of Ms. Lisa Daftari, Rutgers alumna but still able to think on her own as a successful professional, describing her experience with Rutgers’ “Modern” administration. Down from the Chancellor.

Stockton Dean See – Stockton Dean Do. Q.E.D

One Dean of General Studies (see the very interesting CV linked there) and History Professor Robert Gregg at Stockton University, a public-funded slave-owner-founded institution in New Jersey, has gone on record confirming and supporting their “co-sponsorship”, citing the claim that 40 have done it, so he is imitating them. To compound the hilarity, Twitter users have exhibited two emails, one from the Dean of General Studies at Stockton U, and another from an administrator of the Centre for South Asian Civilizations at U Toronto, both explaining their intricate thought processes and reasoning for confirming the claim of support. The content of the emails is apparently identical. A fine example to students at Stockton and Toronto on how to do homework assignments and tests. Perhaps this will help raise the 6-year and 8-year graduation rates in their 4-year programs. “Plagiarism” is too hard a word to spell anyway. Two administrators of one mind. Not clear whose.

On Saturday Sep. 4, Harvard University’s Dean Khurana forthrightly made clear that use of their logo and name with this conference was illegal, and Harvard’s legal department had communicated that to the DGH entities.

No ifs or buts about it, but some sore butts among the organizers as the laughter got louder around the world.

Where does that leave Dean Gregg of Stockton and his terminologically congruent fellow Scholar at U. Toronto I wonder…

I commend the organizers for keeping some parts of the conference open and indeed registration is free, with all the sponsorship flowing in; I do not believe that all of it will be open, though. The organizers, their initial lies debunked, have already declared with peerless sliminess that the REAL sponsors will only be revealed “closer to the conference”. So who are they?

A quick news flash might give a hint. Last month, the relatively new administration of New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru “University” (JNU) introduced a new course called “‘Counter Terrorism, Asymmetric Conflicts and Strategies for Cooperation among Major Powers”. Today (Sep 1) it has become official. Among other things, it teaches little Indian children who attend graduate school at JNU that the People’s Republic of China was, and is, a State sponsor of terrorism. And horror of horrors, it may mention the term “Islamic Terrorism”. All those “suicide bombers” and other rapist-murderers who yell “HOW Y’ALL DOING!!” (or is that what they yell?) as they murder innocents? Outraged at the damage that this will do to JNU’s sterling reputation for putting out mostly lobotomized communists, JNU faculty, “students” and alumni are raging around the world. Q.E.D. So why **are** they offended at PRC being named? Could it be because students in that course might link what they know from overhearing hostel cafeteria chats and attending other lectures, to the course content? Or is it simply that it might dry up their sources of “informal funding”?

From the background below, I hope you will see why governments and citizens may wish to take a prompt interest in this. The lives you save may be your own and those of your loved ones.

As an old teacher I have to communicate things in slow detail, otherwise I cannot understand them. The roots of this go far back and all over the world. Thanks for your patience!

Background: Campaign To Stop Funding Hate, and Kashmir Conferences of the 2000s

Let us flash back 29 years to April 1992. The Taliban had driven the Soviets out and seized Kabul. They strung the mutilated corpse of President Najibullah from a lamppost in 1996, bringing a reign of terror to all Afghanistan. Their US-supported Pakistani handlers dreamt of using them to “liberate” India’s Jammu-Kashmir, opening the road to restore the Mughal Empire in Delhi and enslave any surviving Hindus, especially young women (read of the treatment of Yazidis by the ISIS? The ISIS/ISIL/ISIS-K are just the latest iterations of what was called “Mujaheddin”. “Jehadis”. “Tribesmen”. “ISI”. “Pakistan Army of Islam”. “Al Qaeda”. “Pakistan Army Special Services Group”). But the election of a Nationalist government in India and nuclear tests of May 1998 brought belated re-thinking in US top circles, and steady realization of common interests and compulsions.

With time running out, Pakistan prepared to invade Kashmir in 1999: Pakistani General Musharraf, Chief of Army Staff and SSG alum, put their Northern Light Infantry on the peaks above Kargil to close National Highway 1, cutting off Indian posts in Siachen to open invasion routes – even as Indian PM Atal Behari Vajpayee was taking a bold “Bus Trip” to Lahore to discuss his “Insaniyat (Humanity) Over Insanity” initiative. Their “nuclear deterrent” would deter India from cutting across Pakistan in riposte. A reported 50,000 special troops were waiting in Skardu, (Pakistan-Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan, north of Kashmir) outfitted with most of the mountain winter clothing available on world markets. That bright idea was ended by Indian soldiers climbing the cliffs at 18,000 feet in darkness and racing into the teeth of machine gun fire. When IAF planes using laser guided bombs supplemented mountain guns and the sheer heroism of India’s soldiers (one soldier, Maha Vir Chakra recipient , is credited with killing 48 Pakistanis at the Battle of Tololing, for instance), defeat turned into rout. According to then-PM Nawaz Sharif, “the entire Northern Light Infantry was wiped out”. Pakistan had abandoned them: many were found starving, wild grass in their empty stomachs. Bodies retrieved by the Pakistanis were dumped outside the soldiers’ homes in the middle of the night with no notice. Just like what is happening in the Panjshir Valley Bright Idea of the Pakistan SSG today.

Since the days of the Cold War, the US State Department and foreign policy establishment has been blessed with a profusion of Pakistanis and their friends. These bureaucrats and academics colored American thinking. American Generals, diplomats and arms dealers loved dealing with the “Tall, Fair & Tight-Assed” (TFTA) Scotch-swilling, “Westernized” Pakistani Generals and business-minded politicians such as “Dus Berjenti” (10%) Zardari and Sugar Baron Nawaz Sharif. Americans were impressed with their grand Lahore mansions with manicured lawns and their VIP passes to the Red Lips Chinese (PLA-run, never mind) Massage Parlour in Islamabad, and the broad boulevards and posh neighborhoods reserved for the military and drug-lords. Compare that to the staid, rule-bound, nimbu-pani-sipping, Gandhi-topeed, rice-eating and dirt-poor Indian elected leaders and soldiers living next door to slums, the roads cluttered with mere brown Natives. Bicycles, cows and autorickshas at equal rights with Jaguars and BMWs. Messy. Democratic. But all that changed in a flash in 1999.

The US refusal to bail out the Pakistani regime from the flop of their nuclear-backed insanity, followed by a steep rise of Indian technical workers in the US for “Y2K” who suddenly dominated the Internet, were tectonic shifts – both for the Pakistani terror establishment and JNU’s British-accented Communists. Pakistan shrieked about “betrayal” by America, and its wealthy clients co-sponsored expansion of their “asymmetric warfare” portfolio, using the same infrastructure put in place by the US to fight the Soviets. “Madarsas” (the Pakistani equivalent of Stockton or U. Colorado departments) churned out some 100,000 terrorists a year with basic weapons training, and suicidal brainwashing.

After the 1998 US embassy suicide bombings in Tanzania and Kenya, the US Government began to wake up to the fact that US-sponsored entities in Pakistan were directly targeting Americans- not “just Indians”. It is well-known to those who care to check, that the cruise missile attacks ordered by President Clinton mostly hit terrorist training camps of Pakistani terror groups training to hit India, and most casualties were Pakistani. They failed, then and even now, to target the greater terrorist centers deeper in Pakistan, and ISI Headquarters in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. 

And so came the events of 9/11/2001. Over 3000 innocents killed. The Pentagon hit and in flames. the New York WTC Twin Towers collapsed along with some smaller buildings nearby, and 4 airliners full of innocents murdered, at a cost of  only 19 terrorists killed. So many heroic New York firefighters raced up into those collapsing towers to save people, never to return.  Remember that as you watch the speakers on September 11, 2021 celebrate the terrorists’ achievements.

A peer-reviewed survey/ analysis that I did for Bharat-Rakshak Monitor in 2002, analyzed the public-domain hints that led up to the September 11, 2001 attacks. It was updated in 2003 and hyperlinked here, with further attacks in 2002-03.

The FBI started getting serious about the “AK-47 Charities” operating unchecked in the USA. For instance the Lashkar-e-Toiba was openly raising funds at the University of Colorado (Boulder), whose Center for Asian Studies, in the College of Arts, is today at one of the epicenters of the present Conference organization, and at The Ohio State University, also a listed “co-sponsor” whose president has been Speaking With Forked Tongue as he tries to slither out. Many such terrorist “charities” were shut down. Terrorist funding networks were “uprooted” and “dismantled”.

The Islamist-Communist-Conversionist-Deep State Axis and Terror Connection

I remember mentioning this to a veteran US Ambassador who was pontificating about US foreign policy and Homeland Security in Atlanta, back in 2005. His response: “After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we never have to worry about Communism again in our lifetimes!”

Communists did not become what they are by just admitting defeat or Seeing Da Light. They simply shifted the theatre of operations, with tentacles already deep inside India, the UK, France and all democracies. They had systematically penetrated universities, often through the lowest tier of institutions such as Stockton, California Institute of Integral Studies, Rider U. or Trinity College, that did not look too closely at credentials, but also with high-profile mouths at the Top Universities. This last item bears thought: what induces such people to take up with such losers? Money. Arrogance. The Awards Gravy Train. Prestige. All controlled through an elaborate Influence Peddling Network reminescent of “Hotel California” : “U can check out any time u like. But u can never leave!”


Is this real or just McCarthyist paranoia? Well.. you’ll have to do your own thinking and judge that for yourself. Here is a story.

The Oberlin Mission set up shop in Xanxi (then called Shansi) in China in the years before the so-called Boxer Rebellion, to Save The Souls in China. When the locals threw out the British drug trade that was destroying the Chinese people, the UK and USA sent in Gunboats to enforce “free trade” in drugs. This did not end well. The missionaries at the Shansi mission were killed and dumped in a ditch. And so things stayed – until 1979. That was when the Communist government found a brilliant use for Christian conversionist missionaries – to subvert democracies. The Xanxi Oberlin Foundation found lots of money. There is a growing presence in Tamil Nadu in India, now focused on Lady Doak college in Madurai. The extension to Jaffna in Sri Lanka came naturally: it is not widely known that Prabhakaran and other leaders of the LTTE terrorist organization were Christian, not Hindu. A Chinese-backed Marxist insurgency among the majority Sinhala people of southern Sri Lanka (Janata Vimukti Perumana or People’s Liberation Front) had been pre-empted with catastrophic results as the Sri Lankan army swept through colleges and universities and rooted out the movement. Now a much deeper spread exploited societal fissures and resentments in northern Sri Lanka against rule from southern Colombo. The resentment of the Dravida movement in Tamil Nadu against the Indian government from New Delhi (violent riots in early 1965 against the very “secular” government for instance) was exploited into a “caste” hatred, to coordinate terror training camps both in the forests of north/east Sri Lanka (Anuradhapura/ Trincomalee), and north-western Tamil Nadu (Nilagiri mountains), sometimes linked with the Naxalite movement, spread from West Bengal to Kerala. The “AID” organization in US universities and India claimed to be independent of each other but shared a website (same files, same structure, same authors, they could have qualified for Dean at Stockton and Toronto universities)  – with the Communist Party of India, Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) organization, Mothership of both the DYFI (Democratic Youth Federation of India, Indian equivalent of Chinese Red Guards) and the People’s War Group in Bihar and West Bengal. The People’s War Group used to have pictures on their website of the People whom they had convicted in absentia and sentenced to death: the elected leaders of Indian States and the nation. Academic Freedom.

In the USA the network was extensive in the 2000s and is now much bigger I expect. They formed an alliance  of common purpose with everyone who wanted to overthrow democracies: the Pakistani ISI, the Chinese Communist Party, the rabid Mullahs and rich Sheikhs of the Middle East, the “Khalistan” separatist terrorists of Punjab, Pakistan and Canada. And, with their monopoly on power permanently dented in India, sadly, the Indian National Congress, successors of many who gave their lives in the Freedom Struggle of India. The Xanxi generosity had won the newly-Capitalized Communists the cooperation of another modern entity: Protestant Multi-National Corporate Conversionism, the harvesting of souls along with lifelong exortion of part of the incomes of the Saved. Mind you, Christianity in India has an ancient tradition from the days of or shortly after, Yeso Cristo Himself: Syrian immigrants in southern Kerala have been part of India for perhaps 2000+ years, and are very secure in their immense economic, political, social and intellectual power. During the Portuguese colonial era, a far worse side of Christianity came to India with the Inquisition, but appears to have stayed fairly limited to small areas. British rule, though massively intrusive in all of “South Asia”, was only moderately successful in converting India’s massive population.

Strangely enough, the Catholic Church run from that great Corporate State the Vatican, finds itself in tough and bitter competition against the Corporate Christianity of the American and British-based Mass Conversion Enterprises: the Jubilee Mission Baptist Church and the Jesuits of the USA, “WorldVision” and the “Christian Aid/Action Aid” outfit from the UK come to mind. The northeastern States bordering Tibet had already been heavily infiltrated with Chinese weapons (Remember the Purulia Weapons Drop case?) and Protestant Bibles accompanied with a Conversion machine. The stories being unearthed, of the growing child abuse “reputation” that destroyed the Native Peoples of Canada and the US Northwest, are merely tiny tips of the iceberg. Twelve years after I tried connecting this in a hurried, Yahoo Geocities-based “A Critical Look at the Organized Labor of Hate” in the desperate rush 2002 to counterattack against those who wanted to put sand in the mouths of leprosy patients and orphans, Abhimanyu Arjun did a more thorough listing and connection in a 269-page analysis called “House of Cards”. See below. But I am sure that these mutate faster than the Wuhan Virus and must each be up to Delta, indeed Zeta variations by now.

From Abhimanyu Arjun, “A House of Cards”. Circa 2014. https://www.ahouseofcards.net. “CAG” refers to “Coalition Against (preventing, I wonder?) Genocide”

So there you go: An Alliance of the New-Capitalist Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army of Red China, the Gawdless Marxist Communist terrorists in India and Sri Lanka, the most rabid Islamists in the rabid mullahs The Ummah from the Middle East,, the rapacious Generals of Pakistan and their business cousins from the USA, the US State Department (and now parts of the White House) and the academic GroupThink hordes of the USA, UK and Northern Europe, the Vatican, the Conversionist Corporate Enterprise from the UK and USA, and all the various secessionist terrorist groups of Khalistan, the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam (Sri Lanka). All connected through American university departments of History, Asian Studies, Anthropology, Divinity Schools and Seminaries. The targets? The United States of America, The United Kingdom, the democratic government of Australia, the struggling governments of Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia, the state of Israel, and the massive Unconverted Heathen base of India.

Most dangerous in their view was the rising unity and awakening of Nationalism in India, led by the National Volunteer Service Society (Rashtriya Swayam-Sevak Sangh) and manifesting itself in support for the Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian National People’s Party) and its allies. This shattered the monopoly hold of the Indian National Congress (despite its fission circa 1967) with a defeat in 1977, a serious break in 1991 and then 1998, and then utter demolition at the polls in 2014 and 2019. Founded to organize Indians to fight the British and Mughal colonial exploiters, the RSS has grown into the world’s largest social service organization, first on the scene and the last to leave whenever disasters hit- first in India and now worldwide. Certainly the RSS does its bit to counter Communist bullies in Kerala, and illegal conversionists in the rest of India. While laws against the Conversion scam, and against interfering with the lives of the tribal peoples in India have existed on the books since the Constitution was framed, they only apply to law-abiding people. The laws were often ignored or bypassed with a bit of “baksheesh” to the right pockets, by the wealthy Conversionist Missions and Communists. Nationalist governments in Gujarat and Rajasthan, and eventually at the Center in India, started cracking down and enforcing the law. This was the single factor (forget the laughably false propaganda of “genocide against Muslims” in India, the US had already killed over 5 million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan by then) that drove the Orwellian-named US “Congressional Commission on International Religious Freedom” to force the State Department to deny a visa to then-Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in 2006 when he was invited to address the hotel-owners’ association of the USA.

All of the above is factual and verifiable. It explains the strange Axis uniting the Communists of China with those of the USA, India and UK, the Islamist Jehad entities of Pakistan, the Middle East, UK and USA, the supposedly “Liberal” academic entities of India, the UK, USA spouting “Academic Freedom” and “Human Rights” (except for their contemporaries in China, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan), with the bloodthirsty terrorists of Jharkhand, Mizoram, Tripura, West Bengal, Bihar, Kashmir, Jaffna, south Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, and now insidiously all over Africa), and the loser political parties in India and increasingly in America.

And where there’s money to be made in unimaginable quantities by robbing people there is always the shadowy alliance of the Ultra-Rich, known as the Deep State, with its ability to bring massive death and destruction where they want it.

In the past decade, these entities, each individually distasteful to the majority opinion and upbringing of people in the UK and USA, have gradually come to purchase nearly ALL of the “mainstream media” in these nations. The Indian English language media, once containing at least a few Nationalists, had long-since been bought. Today things are so bad that one has to check RT.com, the Epoch Times etc to get a broader perspective than one finds on the unbelievably corrupted US/UK mainstream media.

As the old saying goes: “Just coz yore paranoid don’t mean they ain’t out to get ya!”

End Digression.

The crackdown on the AK-47 Charities in 2001, and the “You Are With Us Or Against Us” pressure from the USA to expose banking and traditional “havala” trust (and terror) based money transfer systems, (while curiously permitting BitCoin and other untraceable means) inspired Pakistanis and Chinese to fund their people in the USA and India to create a “Hindu Terror” bogey. At that time, most charitable donations from Hindus went to building temples and conducting rituals. An exception was the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), who had learned to conduct service operations in a scrupulously effective and law-abiding manner, and posted some 220 of their projects on the Internet.

In the 1999 Kargil War, 2000 Odisha Cyclone, and 2001 Bhuj earthquake, IDRF distinguished themselves with superlative, transparent efforts. In mid-2001, Indian “OUTLOOK” editor Ashish Sen visited Maryland for “in-depth interviews” with Dr. Vinod Prakash. A conspiracy was under way. Sen’s hatchet job came out in late 2001.

In October 2001, immediately after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, the Oberlin Foundation at the Oberlin College, Ohio (see Digression above) announced the Conference for April 19-21, 2002, at Oberlin College, titled “Siting Secularism In India”. The public face of the organizers was an (Indian-named) English Professor at Oberlin College who just happened to be a Trustee of the Oberlin Foundation.

In January 2002, the Forum of Indian Leftists (FOIL), until then dormant except for an occasional street noise in New York (“Brick by brick, wall by wall, US Imperialism must fall!”), suddenly revived their on-line rag “Ghadar”, citing excitement at an “urgent need to get organized” in preparation for “a very loud noise”. Money was flowing…

The Loud Noise made by the Godhra event of February 27, 2002 and its aftermath may only have been Plan B or C in a series of intended “Big Noises”. Pakistani terrorists attacked the Jammu-Kashmir State Assembly (October 1, 2001), and then the Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001. In the J&K attack a second bomb, 20 minutes after the first, took a heavy toll of rescuers. (flash, Aug. 26: Looks like the same ‘M.O.’ has been used outside Kabul airport, in a “complex” attack today).

But the attack on India’s Parliament bears even more thought. Had the Lashkar-e-Toiba killers shot their way into the Parliament building, murdered many Indian leaders and taken others hostage, what would have been the Indian public response? India was saved by the lightly-armed policemen and policewomen protecting Parliament: Eight of them died doing their duty, along with a gardener. Eighteen other people were wounded. The terror team of 5 was eliminated. Their local agent, Afzal Guru, a Delhi academic, was hanged in February 2013, having exhausted all appeals including to President Abdul Kalam: relatives of the martyred police heroes had returned their medals in disgust at the footdragging in the legal system for 12 years. His riddance is still mourned and ranted-about by many communist/Islamist “academics” in India who weep about Terrorists’ Rights. The picture at the top is my homage to who really matters: Kamlesh Kumari, one of the nine heroes and heroines who died protecting all of us that day.

These events finally stirred Indian political leaders sufficiently to order an armored buildup at the Pakistan border to “take out” the terrorist enterprise. Trains and road convoys had got beyond the last bridges to the border, anticipating air strikes. Pakistan’s hours were counting down.

At dawn on February 27, 2002, someone pulled the emergency chain in the Sabarmati Express train, stopping it a few miles outside Islamist-dominated Godhra station. Godhra routinely flew Pakistani flags on Independence Day, and a school teacher who tried hoisting the Indian flag had been murdered there some years previously. An assembled mob (at 7Am on a winter morning!) stoned the train. Someone locked the doors of Sleeper Coach S-6 from outside, and set fire to it; the precise means used are still debated. Fifty-nine passengers were burned to death as the mob howled outside. They stoned firefighters rushing to the scene. The victims included the (Muslim) wife and child of the Godhra railway station master, but I believe it was the utterly ghoulish gloating by CNN, BBC and the Times of India dismissing all the victims as “Hindu Pilgrims” (I remember first seeing the news on CNN at a hotel breakfast room in Texas) that was the last straw. As the burned coaches and victims pulled in to Ahmedabad station many hours later, the atrocity set off triggered uncontrollable rage and violence in Gujarat. Casualty counts were wildly inflated as usual (like the COVID-19 toll is being inflated today) but over two hundred Indian police personnel died trying to stop the violence.

The Godhra atrocity and its aftermath forced the state government in Gujarat to desperately seek Army support to restore law and order. Other states had declined to provide their police forces, terrified that riots would explode in their states as well. This ended the determination of the Indian government to punish the Terrorist State of Pakistan. The forces stood down. Instead, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were quietly removed under American pressure, presumably to China, their origin. Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes, when asked whether India wasn’t worried about the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan, was cited as bursting out laughing that they were “in good hands”. Musharraf preached to nuclear laboratory crews about peaceful uses of nuclear power. I believe that Pakistan continues to be “nuke-nude” today, all posturing notwithstanding.

Siting Secularism: Oberlin Conference of April 2002

The Siting Secularism Oberlin Conference of April, 2002, like the upcoming Dismantling Hindutva Conference of September 10-12, 2021, announced participants from several nations including India and France. I believe Shri Anand Patwardhan’s work featured on the leftist rants those days too: I see that he is a listed speaker for the 9/11/21 Terrorist Conference. With no announced program, the only visible product of the Oberlin Conference was a shrill “Resolution Condemning the Indian Government For Genocide”. One wonders how this was anticipated back in October 2001. I checked today: The website link https://www.oberlin.edu/shansi/conference in a publication that mentions a meeting in Spring 2002 to “select participants” for said conference, comes up “404” at Oberlin. No other trace seen of the conference today in my searches. Strange, is it not, for a conference that was organized 6 months ahead with funding from the Oberlin-Shansi Foundation, announced and organized by a Trustee of the Foundation? Where I found the above links, there is still mention of all their “readings on Secularism” for Spring 2002, but then… silence on what happened at this conference. It is as if the conference was… “CLASSIFIED” as they say in my former line of work.

On November 22, 2002, a massively coordinated Report was released simultaneously at several locations in India and USA, with participation of the Times Of India, The Hindu, the “SABRANG” organization in Mumbai, the FOIL in the USA, and several university-based entities. Called the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (CSFH), it accused the IDRF of being a “front” for the Indian BJP Government “founded for the single purpose” of “funding Genocide”. And that IDRF was totally “Anti-Muslim”. Their single point of “evidence”? That the IDRF had forwarded a donation of $25000 to help the families of New York Firefighters killed on 9/11/2001, and “the victims were mostly non-Muslim while the perpetrators were all Muslim”. Some 200+ “Academic” superstars of the terrorist enterprise “endorsed” that report with their stellar standards of “scholarship”.

Again, remember that on 9/11/2021 as you see the same entities expounding their theses at the new Terrorist Conference.

The organization was actually done through the web/email servers of the Times of India, with connections to communist entities in Vadodara and other parts of Gujarat. Letters went to all IT companies and US State Department demanding arrest of Dr. Prakash, etc etc. It was the spearhead of their larger “Hindu Nationalist Terrorism sponsored by Indian BJP Government” narrative. Major IT companies froze IDRF from the list of approved charities for employee contributions and corporate matching, in alarm.

It did not matter to the 200+ so-called “academic faculty” who maliciously endorsed their bogus report, that the victims of their assault would be the Leprosy patients (Kushta Nivaran Sangh), orphans and battered women (Vatsalya Trust), and tribal school kids (Vanvasi Kalyan} whose only hope of lunch depended on IDRF support. I am sure I can find that List of Pompous Fools somewhere still, even if the Internet has forgotten. While they are welcome to their Academic Freedom to be bigoted idiots, and I to my freedom to call them what they are, I did not believe, then nor now, that their Right to Lie trumped the rights of the leprosy patients, orphans, battered women or tribal kids – or my right and obligation to stand up and help those people.

The assault was, by the grace of the Almighty, also dismally incompetent, being left to the brilliance and work ethic of the Academic Wing of the Axis – the ones whose successors will be at the terrorist conference of 2021. Their “strategy” in their claimed “Five Year Comprehensive Research by 7 American Faculty” was to go to IDRF’s website, download the list of organizations to whom they had sent money, and classify it into 3 types: (1) Secular (2) Hinduization (3) Hate. Type (1) were organizations with English names. Type (2) were organizations with names in Indian languages and Type (3) were organizations ending in “Sangh” (meaning “Society” or “organization”) but to their brilliant logic, able to fool stupid Americans and pseudo-Anglicized Indian idiots into thinking that these were all part of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh – and so – uncritically cast as violent. Thus, for instance, “Vatsalya Trust” was “Hinduization”: it was an orphanage, the name “Vatsalya” meaning “Loving Care”. “Kisan Vijnan Sangh” was “hate”: it was actually a society of farmers who downloaded and translated material from the Internet to help learn modern farming techniques in Karnataka. And most horrible to me, “Kushta Nivaran Sangh” was classified as “hate”. It was the Society to care for, and enable self-help for Leprosy Patients.

A tiny team of which I was a member, and who had mostly never met, organized to counter this nonsense with careful, painstaking research and well-planned humor. We won completely or I should say, Truth Triumphed, but only because we had enthusiastic help from tens, indeed hundreds of thousands of quiet volunteers all over the world to establish the truth. A movement called “Let India Develop” laughed off the nonsense of the hate-mongers.

The Spokestwit of the CSFH was the famous Dr. Vinay LalAssociateProfessorOfHistoryAt UCLA (one word: he made sure everyone knew he was a Faculty Member, not “just an Indian” as he described the rest of us, famous for praising the Taliban for destroying the Bamiyan Buddha statues and engravings, till then a UNESCO Global Heritage Site. Lets call him VLAPOHAUCLA for short. He went on record declaring “Just because an organization is called a Medical Center does not mean it is not a site set up for Hinduization!” It was a long time ago and I am old: apologies if the quote is not exact verbatim but it is accurate in essence, intent and meaning. VLAPOHAUCLA was referring to the Meeraj Medical Center. An affiliate of the Presbyterian Church of North America, to which IDRF had faithfully directed a small contribution directed by a donor. See above my comments on competence/ laziness about doing one’s homework: Q.E.D. By sheer size of ego he could well have inflated himself to replace the Bamiyan Buddhas and got declared a UNESCO Heritage monument himself. But perhaps that booboo inflicted a pin-prick. I repeat this not to gloat (though it sure is fun!) but to alert you to the level of honesty and “scholarship” to expect from this crowd. Rather surprised to see VLAPOHAUCLA missing from the latest 912 “signatories”, though Anuradha Needham of Oberlin is still very much present.

Today IDRF continues to thrive and deliver superlative service. Options for Hindus and other Indians to fund legitimate service projects grew, and now abound, orders of magnitude beyond just IDRF. Thanks in no small measure to the “CSFH” for the free publicity.

The Kashmir Conferences of the mid-2000s

Several CSFH entities, having been laughed off and lost sponsorship, found new careers in the Kashmir Conferences, conducted at Washington DC under the auspices of Dr. Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai. They also conducted a conference in the San Francisco Bay Area (U. CA Santa Cruz) to celebrate the second anniversary of the Indian Muslim Council (USA), featuring enlightening talks from the Khalistan terrorists, among other varieties. My article titled “Lashkar-e-Pinocchio Rides Again” was picked up and published along with my “FOIL Primer Part 1” were 2 of 6 chapters in a book titled “NGOs and Foreign Funding, Anti-National Industry”. , released by the Vigil Forum in Chennai, edited by Smt. Radha Rajan and Shri Kishen Kak. The book was inaugurated at the Delhi Press Club by Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi, and Gujarat Security Advisor Shri K.P.S. Gill.

Hilariously, a prominent Indian English language newspaper declared, in a story by their most senior “journalist”, that I was present at said ceremony! As I was teaching two courses that day 10.5 time zones away in Atlanta, long before the Age of Zoom, this was a clear datum for me on the accuracy of articles in the Indian English Language media.

Several of the links from the Pakistani media that I had cited in those articles, showed up also in the FBI’s Indictment of Ghulam Nabi Fai as a Pakistani Agent, and the Kashmir Conferences as being organized directly by the Pakistan ISI. As I had seen reported in a Pakistani publication, “even the list of invitees was prepared at ISI HQ”.  Another entity was mentioned in the Indictment, rather prominently, but given a code name “Mary”. Perhaps indicted separately.  Two high-profile dismissals from the California Institute of Integral Studies were announced the day before the Indictment was presented in court. I believe Dr. Fai pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges on the illegal payments from Pakistan, but is out of jail now, while said entity may have joined a Bay area university research program to “study” (and possibly foment in my opinion) Communal Riots in India. Co-author of a recent book with one of the featured speakers at the new Conference. The connections are complete.

Terrorist Conference of September 11, 2021

In 2021, India’s government, re-elected by an even larger, massive democratic majority, enjoys strong popular support, despite the very hard times of the past 2 years. Two “waves” of the COVID-19 pandemic have been faced down and are subsiding fast: vaccinations are roaring ahead at over 5 million per day!  The economy is beginning to really recover. The re-integration of Jammu-Kashmir and the freeing of Ladakh by abolishing Article 370 of the Constitution, have gone ahead with amazing peace and effectiveness, totally vindicating the government’s bold initiative to heal that 70-year festering sore. This August 15th, the Tricolor fluttered joyfully over most of Jammu-Kashmir for the first time in decades, hoisted by some of the very people whom the Opposition had sought to turn into violent secessionist rebels. In the Northeast, stability is improving. Since 2002, there has been no Communal Riot worth more than an evening of mention on CNN. The Farm Bill that was misused to trigger huge protests incited by the Khalistanis along with certain Indian Opposition Parties, is now seen to bring massive benefits to Indian farmers.  The Citizenship Act Amendment that slightly eased the process of legally staying in India for real refugees from religious oppression, is seen to have been prescient, as Afghanistan bleeds again under so-called “Taliban” (we call them “Pakiban”) rule, and Hindu and Sikh refugees face imminent death if they cannot reach India.

Meanwhile it has been clearly demonstrated that under the present Indian government, Pakistani-orchestrated terror attacks bring sharp, timely, and very costly (to Pakistan) retribution, nuclear “detergent” be damned. The happy end game of a 5-fragmented Former States of Pakistan (FSP) seems well within the horizon as Baluchistan, Sindh, Balwaristan and Pakhtoonistan are all testing the chains of “Pakjabi” oppression. The Chinese PLA’s misadventures at Doklam, Galwan and Kailash Range have ended with fewer casualties, but bigger Loss of Face, Honor & Dignity, than the 1999 Musharraf Kargil caper.

It is again like 2001/2002, following the victory in the Kargil War, and the vindication of Indian concerns with the Pakistani involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attack. The hidden agenda of this September 11 terrorist conference may hold extreme, clear and present danger for both India and the United States. And for all free democracies and good people everywhere.


I believe that it is an error to believe that this Conference is merely a meeting forum for a bunch of losers to gripe and Exercise Their Academic Freedom to be laughed-at. Many of the participants will be just thoughtless talking heads, and we thank them for the immense entertainment so far. The real agenda will not be visible to those who participate in the visible Proceedings. Now that we know (it wasn’t hard to predict!)  that sponsorship is not really coming from the cited universities, it is fair to ask where the resources are really coming from.

I hasten to reiterate that I do not believe that any of the visible Organizers or Speakers have any idea of why they are being brought together, any more than flies buzzing a rotting jackfruit have any idea of the worms and toxins and pathogens that lie hidden beneath the stink.

The scheduling of the conference on September 10-12, 2021, spanning the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is an “in-our-faces” ploy to inspire scofflaws. It is similar to the FOIL’s gloating about managing to snarl traffic in New York circa 2000 just to spite society and draw attention. It may also be intended to reflect Rutgers University’s “Award-Winning” narrative that the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks were intended to foment the Bush Administration’s Islamophobia in the US

All of the above are from publicly-available media sources. Opinions and analysis are mine, expressed in good faith without no malice.

Stanford made it very clear, very early that misuse of their name and logo  by the terrorists was illegal.
Stanford hastened to make it very clear, very early that misuse of their name and logo by the terrorists was illegal. That is what any classy institution would do, protect their students who are there to study not the rabble-rousers and slimy losers and liars.
Harvard University took longer, but we had faith: their Dean, who has no trouble reading, writing or thinking, referred the matter to their powerful Legal Division who appear to have conveyed some basic instruction to the terrorists.
Harvard University took longer, but we had faith: their Dean, who has no trouble reading, writing or thinking, unlike the pompous losers at the dumps, referred the matter to their powerful Legal Division who appear to have conveyed some basic facts of life to the terrorists.

Finally, the Terrorist Conference of September 11, 2021 appears to have managed better success than their original CSFH did: They have stirred the Hindu students in America – and their friends in India. Maybe even their parents’ generation slightly. From my experience of teaching them for 36 years, I know them as amazingly laid-back, patient and unruffled, absolute jewels to teach and with whom to work. The unbelievably inept and stupid bigot Administrators that weigh down most American universities, have managed to alienate and rile this precious population, and forced them to take notice, and speak out. The Anger of a Patient People. Not since Gandhiji, Golwalkar, Maharani Lakshmibai of Jhansi and Subhash Chandra Bose has anyone managed this. Hope it is the dawn of a New Era.

Satyam Eva Jayate.

Post Script 1: Pakistani News Anchor Threatens WMD Attack On India on Live TV?

On Sep. 5, 2021, came this Twitter video, purportedly of a prominent Pakistani TV News Anchor ranting. I have no way of confirming, so posting with that caveat. The gist of his rant is, per those who understand Urdu:

“I am not allowed to give full details because of Security Issues, but information has come to me that a BIG SURPRISE is coming for Indians. “ISI & Taliban are planning something ‘big’ in India. Screams of Indians will be all over. You all will enjoy. Details can’t be shared due to ‘security’ reasons.”

A senior TV anchor? On live TV? Make such a statement? Yes I know, but we ARE talking about Pakistan. Unless you are a BBC Talking Head such as Phillippa Thomas, you know what that means.

Added later: The above outburst itself appears to have been triggered by some unfortunate occurrences in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan, where Pakistani SSG forces trying to mass-murder the remaining Afghan patriots there, are said to have experience some mishap involving objects falling from above, and promptly blamed it on the Indian Air Force, remembering the 3AM incident where “trees fell” at Balakot, Pakistan in 2019.

Postscript 2: By Sep. 18, at least 3 major terror plots have been detected/stopped in India. First was the arrest of several people in West Bengal with pieces of a strange metal, variously identified as obtained from nuclear research labs. Secondly, the arrest of a team with fake Aadhar identity cards etc, coming across the Myanmar border into Tripura, headed for a Seminary in Delhi. Thirdly, satellite-phone signals have been intercepted in Karnataka, linked to “a foreign country”. In addition, plots against coal-fired power plants have been unearthed, though these may be just agitations planned. Several “charities” (see above) have been caught in illegal, anti-national activities and had their Foreign Currency transaction permits cancelled, and properties seized by law enforcement. But how can we know that ALL the plots have been detected?

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