I saw a tweet from the very famous, and so called EMINENT lawyer Ms. Karuna Nundy .

I was not shocked at the internet but rather the language . Ms. Nuny you are a lawyer , a profession where every statement , be it written or oral needs to be double checked for accuracy , correct intent and factuality . Strange that a lawyer would make such a loose neded , rhetorial statement.

Mr. Stand Swamy was 84 years old. He died due to COVID complications after being put on Ventilator in a Hospital in Mumbai, after being granted bail . Did he die due to

If you are a lawyer then you would know that Death Certificate lists the official cause of death . I have not seen it .Does it list torture? Does it list Stabbing ? In most probability it lists death due to Corona Virus . My uncle was a heart patient , who recently died of Corona after being on ventilator for 1 week. Does that mean he died of Heart Conditions ? NO . He dies of Corona. NOt sure if you are aware , but if you are OLD , older than 80 and if you get onto ventilator Support, the chances of you surviving Corona are VERY SLIM. Study it . 84 is not exactly 56 or 34. He was taken to a hospital at the right time but unfortunately, he died. So did Millions worldwide. 2 deaths in my family .

I did not expect a lawyer to be so callous in wording statements about a death that insinuates a crime (custodial torture) and negates the official Death Certificate. Maybe ranters like Swara Bhasker and Rahul Gandhi could get away with such accusations but I expected better from a lawyer who is hailed as one of the top most in the country.

Mr. Swamy was in a prison in Navi Mumbai and his jurisdiction was in Mumbai , a state ruled by Shiv Sena led coalition called MVA , in which Congress is a ally . If infact there is a doubt of custodial torture, then the matter should be investigated and the Uddhav Thakre led MVA government should be tried.

I know a case where a lady has gone on record to say that she was stripped naked every night by MALE policement , beaten by belts, and forced to watch porn . That is custodial torture . Since you are such a self-FAMOUS feminist and we all have opt repeated the “believe EVERY Woman anthem ” ,maybe you should talk about that case , discuss it ? File a PIL in SC and get an inquiry done ?

I tried searching any statement from you , an article about the claimed Custodial Torture of Sahdhvi Pragya , found NONE. I know your come back will be , I don’t have time to discuss EVERY case and tweet about everything. Standard retort, even Swara Bhasker uses it. So even if you have not ever given your opinion about it , I am asking you now . Please make a statement , write an op-ed about the custodial torture as claimed by Sadhvi Pragya . I will be waiting . It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to tweet .

I am sure you are not one of those conditional feminists who only take up and highlight the cause of women, which benefits their political affiliations. At least I hope so. I hope I am not proven wrong .

There is also a probability that you may take me to court for this post. Well Miss FAMOUS LIBERAL LAWYER, defamation is when you publish incorrect information about someone. What I am doing is publishing an opinion , criticizing your publicly made statement (Twitter) on a public platform . This is called Freedom of Expression. I expect a lawyer to know the difference.

It will be VERY strange and laughable that the very LIBERAL group that advocates and fights for Freedom of Expression , questions and criticizes Social Media Companies for failing to comply with Rules that make them liable to share information for criminal cases, dissect every statement made by the Government, opine and criticize, will take me to court for doing just the same. Just like you can have an opinion on a public platform about anyone or any person, So can I . So if a fighter for freedom of expression like you , takes me to court for my freedom of expression, in most plain English that would be HYPOCRICY .No I am NOT spreading any lies about you. I am opening and criticizing you . Not really an OP-ed, but more like an Op-Post .

While the whole world sees ISSI as barbaric terrorists, eminent Journalist from St Stephens consider them as activist . (Hardly a surprise ).

NDTV guys ought to be special kind of stupid to think ISIS is group of  "activists": IndiaSpeaks

I even saw your tweet , w.r.t. ISIS . Seriously what’s with you Stephanians and not calling ISIS for what it is , a BARBARIC TERRORIST organization. Well, that is your FoE .

Saw your tweets about defeating fascism. Well as always I may think of BJP government as the best in LONG LONG time, you are worried about FASCISM , where stifling voices is a key tenet .

While you may term CAA and NRC as fascist , I think it is a GREAT humanitarian step . Strange I never see you talk about the inhuman treatment, rapes , forced conversion and marriage of minor girls of minorities in Pakistan. EVER ? Conditional Feminism. ? Conditional fight against Fascism ? It has become such a patented trademark of the so-called secular , liberals that is is actually expected. Making cow urine jibes is not suited for a so-called eminent lawyer .BTW this language was used by the terrorists who blew up the church in Sri Lanka.Yes a Terrorists, not a RW extremist .Let’s call him for what he was.

BTW the students who opposed CAA outside IIM Ahmedabad , were not IIM A Students. Some random people who stood outside raised slogals. Maybe you should cross-check facts .

Anyone and everyone has political affiliations. That’s fine, but as a lawyer, your wordings are needed to be factual, correct .

If you still wish to take me to court, I will be more than willing to see you there.

Like you, I will also never bow down to fascism, attack on my Freedom of Expression. BRING IT ON . Oh don’t bother with a legal notice, I will not bring down this post.

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