It is unfortunate to see US World’s largest economical power and military power surrender to the Taliban and Pakistan after spending 20 years in Afghanistan, losing more than 2500 American soldiers and Spending more than 2.3 Trillion of American Taxpayers money. How can Americans and their allies guarantee freedom of navigation in the South China Sea when the Chinese built Artificial Islands illegally in front of 4 American Presidents and Several American Warships sailing in the South China Sea for the last 15 to 20 years. Americans knew Pakistan’s double game for more than 20 years, leading to Disaster in Afghanistan and Bringing back the Taliban regime. American President accuses Afghanistan National Army of not having the will to fight with Taliban but when they Negotiated with the Taliban they did not think about the impact of their actions on the morale of the Afghanistan Army. The worst part is Americans left large stockpiles of Artillery, modern Weapon systems, Fighter Jets and Black Hawks which will go into the hands of the Taliban and potentially find their way to Iran, China and Pakistan. If Americans are so fearful of Pakistan and its Nuclear arsenal & hesitate to take punitive actions against the most featured FATF listed country i.e: Pakistan, how do they expect to be effective to counter China?

The USA betrayed Vietnam way back in the 20th century, they rattled Iraq and killed Saddam Hussain for their personal interest and now they have pushed Afghanistan 50 years from the present.

Americans were, are and will be a coward”.

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