Atrocities against Hindus and particularly Hindu girls in the state of Kerela continue under the able leadership of a so-called communist and secular government. In a yet another shameful event, the SFI {SFI is the student wing of the CPI(M)} goons locked a ABVP girl activist for hours in a dark room for conducting membership drive in her college, Kannur Government Polytechnic College and wearing a RAKHI on her wrist on 16th October. The SFI goons forced her to produce in writing that whatever she was doing was wrong, and she won’t do it again. The SFI flag is labelled with Independence, Democracy and Socialism but this is clearly an attempt to dismantle all the pillars of democracy. The SFI on lines of its parent organization CPI(M) has been working on the lines of CPI(M) with a motive to persecute the innocent Hindus of Kerela for appeasing the radical organizations associated with a particular community. While Hindu hatred is not new for CPI(M) and its outfit SFI. Several SFI activists have been accused and punished under the laws in the past for heinous crimes like rape, molestation, and religious conversion of Hindu girls. Several ABVP activists have been killed, including Shyam Prasad and Vishal Kumar, who was brutally murdered for just being flag bearers of ABVP by radical forces. SFI and its parent organization CPI(M) have joined hands with radical Islamist organizations like SDPI. While its outfit PFI has been banned by the government of Bharat for its involvement in terror activities and riots. While SDPI under the guidance of its foreign masters works particularly with the motive of converting Hindu girls to Islam forcefully and eliminating established Hindu outfits in the state of Kerela, SFI and CPI(M) act as a support system for SDPI. Yet another demonstration of the Hindu hate of SFI and its parent organization CPI(M) was during the release of the movie Kerela Story, when these radical organizations took to the streets and attacked the cinema houses who were screening the movie. The Kerela government banned the movie in Kerela and its outfit. SFI raged violent protests throughout the country, labeling the movie as a false display of a community. While the movie was praised in all the circles, including the family members of the victims, the SFI goons mocked the plight of the victims and rejected the true story of the movie. The SFI activists in Kerela have also been accused of forging fake certificates to continue in colleges and universities to distrupt the academic proceedings and continue their work of persecuting Hindus, molesting Hindu girls and running a free conversion racket. One such case was of SFI activist Nikhil Thomas, who had forged fake certificates for PG admissions. Despite several life attempts made at the lives of the RSS, ABVP and various Hindu organization’s activists, the Kerela government continues to support radical organizations like SDPI and SFI.

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