Licypriya Kangujam, shot to fame as a 7 year old so-called activist campaigning for stricter climate change laws in India. Her father, Kangujam Karanjit, aka Dr KK, has been accused of defrauding people of money and faking Licypriya’s achievements to get her international acclaim and earn easy money in the process. The Delhi Police in joint operation with Manipur Police has finally arrested Kanarjit who was an absconder since 2016.

Kanarjit has been accused of defrauding and cheating many people to the tune of Rs.19 lakhs. In 2015, he was arrested by Manipur Police and charged for various crimes with criminal case number 176 of 2015 under Sections 420 (Fraud), 324 (Assault) and 406 (Criminal breach of trust) of the IPC.

As per reports, Kanarjit used a rented premises for his dubious activities under the banner, Club 25 and sold the rented premises to three different individuals without the real owner knowing about it. He was released on an interim bail and has been an absconder since 2016.

Karanjit is said to have collected funds from national and international students under the ruse of organising seminars, international youth committee meets, earthquake relief, cyclone relief, etc. But it is alleged by the complainants that the funds raised never reached the beneficiaries of charity.

Kanarjit had also faked his daughter Licypriya Kangujam’s achievements to get her international fame. The father of the child ‘activist’, has built a career out of rent-a-cause protests. Social media companies like Twitter have accorded her with verified blue tick handles, when she does not even handle the account herself.

The United Nations instead of promoting balanced all round child development without exploitation, has been instead actively encouraging profiteering parents exploiting young children in the name of ‘child activism’ for ‘climate change’. There is also a cabal of big US companies promoting these children to organise huge protests forcing governments to shut down other indigenous industries. This helps the big American companies to capture market in countries of their target by killing indigenous industries and local manufacturing, resulting in great loss of employment and weakening the economy.

So, whether it is Greta Thunberg or Licypriya, their parents market activism to the world for making money, and funnily enough although these ‘activists’ claim to be against industrialists and capitalists, they are funded by MNCs to bring down competition from the developing world.


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