Drugs, since last month, is continuously in news, surely, police, administration are taking solid steps to eliminate it and somewhere everyone know how drugs enter J&K and reach Youth, whether through borders or inter-state deal or via local suppliers.

Drugs terrorism is more destructive than bullets and bombs! And without knowing the nucleus youth is participating in this crime and are contributing and funding Pakistani terrorists.

80% of drugs seized in India are infiltrated from Pakistan.

But it’s very important to understand that this business is done secretly, modes are completely enveloped starts with addiction and wasteful curiosity leads to destruction. This topic is huge to be discussed, has many aspects including ignorance, influence and greed.

Awful that most of the teenagers are now drug addicts. Teenagers are less stable and more enthusiastic which is why they easily fall prey to. As always, I repeat “teenage is transitional age”, needs best mental nourishment, whatever shape one put them in, they take it, so role of parents becomes significant that they must keep an eye on their youngsters.

A mindset is also evolving that police backs smugglers, I’ll not dismiss this completely because they too are human after all. But give a chance to cops, it’s your job to notify them. Importantly, keep evidence safe with you instead of exposing on internet unless you have involved the authority. And do involve police in case you know any dealer or facilitators. Most importantly try reaching right place.

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