Hindus, in 2022, constitute 1/8th of the world population. They have a long civilizational and cultural history, the oldest continuing, for thousands of years, with written records. But they are subjected to racial and religious harassment and abuse by ‘inappropriate statements’ like:

  1. Hindus worship Idols.
  2. Hindus have a caste system.
  3. Hindu scriptures are mythological.
  4. Yoga is an exercise of slaves.

Hundreds and thousands of scholars of Indian origin and elsewhere have refuted those statements, with evidence, but it doesn’t go.

In American schools, consciously or unconsciously, they promote this harassment in the name of teaching Ancient Indian History, early on, in school years.

It is well known that hostility and harassment hurt social harmony, learning and productivity.

There have been laws against harassment, abuse, assault and discrimination in workplace and educational institutions. Fair Housing, Equal Opportunity, Equal Credit Opportunity are laws that have been enacted with the same intent.

Does the relevance of harassment and abuse end, just outside the boundaries of workplace and educational institutions?

What is the use of that good behavior taught in work place and educational institutions, unless it reflects in the society at large.

Whose responsibility is a nation?

President (and his/ her team) of a University is responsible for the University.

President (and his/ her team) of a business is responsible for the business.

In USA, some members of the US Congress are selectively and overly concerned with Islamophobia only (https://www.booker.senate.gov/news/press/booker-cardin-sanders-introduce-legislation-to-create-special-envoy-to-monitor-and-address-islamophobia).

A statement on January 20, 2022, by India’s ambassador at the UN, says it all: “Emergence of contemporary forms of religiophobia, especially anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist and anti-Sikh phobias is a matter of serious concern and needs attention of the UN and all member states to address this threat.”

BTW: Member states include USA.

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