🔸From being a barely audible wisp of a conversation once upon a time, prospects and predictions of Imminent Hindu Genocide is growing like a restless murmur amongst all shades of Indians, resulting in an ideological exultation by some and in existential anxiety on the part of others. 🔸Adding grist to the mill are the growing instances of aiding and abetting by the all-too-familiar spectacle of law enforcement agencies looking the other way or of the highest judiciary of the land demolishing all canons of fair play and justice to clear the way for Islamist Fundamentalists to march with impunity over a Hindu community beleaguered and made powerless by its own sense of a misplaced tolerance. 🔸

Even before Shaheen Bagh’s 101-day protest timeline of sit-in against the CAA in Dec 2019, a chronology of conspiracy began to be drummed up that ‘ with Kashmir, Babri and now CAB, there are more than enough grounds for a strong reaction from Muslims across India’.

What followed was the anti-CAA protests that held a Nation to ransom with the ghosts of Partition masquerading behind apron strings at Shaheen Bagh. What stumped us was the undisguised zeal of Tablighi fanatics who wielded a deadly Pandemic as the sword of Islamic retribution. And what shocked us were scenes where middle-class educated Muslim families got into the act and enacted unabashedly a choreography of undisguised hate with genocidal chants, beheading threats and communal catcalls flooding the digital medium and protest sites, emblazoned on placards and graffiti, dripping menacingly through slogans and protest poetries.

A nation from within a nation had emerged overnight, a nation at odds with our nation, nationalism and way of life. Radical islamism and dehumanizing communism, ably assisted by evangelising forces, provided the anthem of the oppressed for a liberal-democratic project.


Cut to 2022. A few days back, Delhi Police Crime Branch filed chargesheets whose investigations revealed that Jahangirpuri violence was ‘ a sequel to 2020 Delhi anti-CAA riots ‘, that ‘ stones and glass bottles were kept ready at terraces days ago’. Earlier, in June, visuals from Kanpur violence by Islamists showed ‘ hints of careful pre-planning ‘ as if made-to-order to take forward an earlier meticulously orchestrated global outrage over alleged blasphemy of the Prophet.

And as if to grant our inchoate fears the measured certainty of its own impending doom comes the 2047 Vision Document, an unambiguous, clear and chilling message if any, almost an answer to those tremulous calls for Hinduon Se Azaadi, Jinnah Wali Azaadi that rent the skies a bare two years ago.

The question is, who do we look to when the legal response from the State is not forthcoming to face the rising and relentless episodes of Unbridled Street Power ? Is The Monopoly On Violence being wrested by forces whose pedestrian power foreshadows the March of an Idea,? An Idea whose twisted logic is best epitomised In the Kamlesh Tiwari Case where the Aggressor became the Legally Recognised Victim? Or An Idea in which the Irony of Raza Academy, itself involved in the Desecration of Amar Jawan Jyot, filing the first FIR sits comfortably.

🔸Nowhere in the annals of history has a beleaguered community on the verge of being overrun, massacred and then condemned to extinction shown such a monumental reluctance and a death-wish like apathy to acknowledge their impending and ignominious fate instead of taking the battle to the streets to reclaim Bharat from an Idea of India dreamt on the temple steps of mosques.


A Civil War, when it does come, will be fought in the streets and alleys and thoroughfares where the Citizens will have to throw down the gauntlet instead of waiting for the State to take up the challenge. The March Through The Institutions happening today, by stealth and design, will compromise the effectiveness of the State Administration, and worse, transform it as a willing tool in the hands of the enemy.


Hindus are beginning to be fearful of their own shadows in an India where every sinner has a future and the past is a strange country.

We gave an Inch and they took a mile.

The woods will still be dark and deep. But there won’t be any promises to keep before we take the knee, walk the plank and disappear quitely into the pages of history as Hindus


Never Born

Never Died

……Just A Way Of Life !




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