Virat Kohli has been going around giving khali, unsolicited Gyan about things that do not pertain to cricket.  Kohli has been compared to being the woke love child of idiot anti-national Kanahiya Kumar and #Toolkit failure Greta Thunberg.  

Virat the Hypocrite

Why does the CAPTAIN of the cricket team feel the need to suddenly become an activist?  He’s the biggest hypocrite as there are plenty of instances where he’s seen participating in burning sparklers and seen in photos with fireworks bursting around him after the cricket team wins.  The fans and citizens of India wish to know who paid what to Kohli for him to turn anti-Diwali and thereby anti-Hindu.  This type of hypocrite behavior is not suited for a leader, an elite who is supposedly influencing hundreds of thousands of young lives.  

Woke Tool Kohli

Kohli’s decision to take the knee is super shady as the Black Lives Movement has a) fizzled, and b) no connection to the situation of Hindu persecution by Islamists and Missionary zealots in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.  The idiotic act did not only put him in a foolish light but also decimated his legitimacy as a leader of any sort.  His teammates look defeated, and his own performance has been lackluster for a while.  

Twitteratis are going wild with memes making fun of Kohli’s khali gyan on woke interpretations of fireworks.  Perhaps there are no fireworks in his personal life and therefore Kohli is hell bent on making everyone’s life as drab as his this Diwali season?  

Mughlai Ummah and their role in destroying Bharat

None of us would be surprised if the Mughlai Ummah is behind co-opting of Indian cricket.  Various institutions and industries — i.e. Bollywood have already fallen victim to Jihadi movements imposing bindi-less actresses, promoting Hindu villains as priests and glorifying sex Jihad on and off screen.  Bollywood has been the biggest promoter of ola, mulla, zulla and Urdu jihad and now cricket seems to be the target of these 7th century wackos.  However, there is no real proof and thus this just seems like deductive guestimation.  

Seeing the way Kohli’s infant daughter is being attacked by anap-shanap bakwas on twitter and Instagram definitely makes one think about who might be behind the orchestrated, fake accounts.  Also, how can one forget the Shami fiasco which was well exposed by twitterati just a few days ago?

In short, let’s hope that Kohli has enjoyed giving his unsolicited gyan and in turn saved the polar ice caps from melting.  The polar ice caps might be okay, but Kohli’s career is definitely sinking faster than the Titanic did after colliding with one.  

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