What happens when a thief tries to cut copy paste-steal from Indian language knowledge system? Sanskrit numericals – saptan, aṣṭan, navan, dasan become Latin – septem, octo, novem, decem

Now September isn’t the 7th month in the Gregorian calendar, not October and so on…but since the dumb thieves couldn’t figure out the advance-complex Indian Panchaang & tithis, they copied easy numbers and put them as names for months.

They ran a 10 months latin-roman calendar as 1 year for centuries because of this mistake.

How did the month names originate? - Education Today News

While April to March as financial year connotes with the agriculture cycle in India, nobody knows what humans contribute to celebrate December as year end as Sun finishes its cycle.

It could be a possibility that they tried to copy paste Uttarayan (Bheeshma’s death) / winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, but that also they couldn’t do accurately.

Almost every single problem in this world is because of the half baked english language made by improper cut copy paste, stealing from India.

There is no concept of “God” in Hinduism. How long do we use these western template words which do not set in Indian meanings, be it caste, religion and so on? We have absolutely nothing to do with these English words.

Our Bhagwaan or Ishwar were real physical bodies which existed and lived those high values and ideals. We are supposed to seek those supreme values. On the contrary, God is some non visible force who has told strict rules to some Paygambar (chosen messenger) as religious commandments and you have to seek mercy, you are praying because you fear, you are begging for wishes,… etc. It is totally opposite to the celebrations like Aartis and big knowledge treasure trove of literature & chanting mantras, Japas and hyms in the praise of the ideals and for seeking those high values.

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