Yet another day and Anand Mahindra backed, Shaili Chopra owned She The People site , which claims to be a feminist do not report a crime against a minor girl because it does not suit their agenda of bashing Hindus /BJP/Modi /RSS.

In UP , a muslim man pretended to a Hindu , trapped a minor Hindu girl , forced her to convert, married her a. The girl is now pregnant. What is EVEN more disgusting is that the mother and sister of the Muslim man were a party to this crime.

Well , Shaili dear. Your Hinduphobia is so out in the open that people are laughing .

When a random domestic violence happens in any BJP ruled state , you all go ballistic making it all about Brahmical Patrtiarchy, Regressive Sanghi , Hindutva Terrorists , but the treatment of a minor Hindu girl by a Muslim man who pretended to a hindu and her impregnation does not shake your conscience enough to report it .SHAME.

Forget about being a feminist, people like you should not even be called a human .


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