Another day another HYPOCRITE masquerading as a liberal, feminist exposed.

I just saw that iI was blocked from commenting on the Propaganda Site Feminism In India. Just like any other self declared feminist, secular , liberal site feminism in India attacks and mocks Hinduism ALL day , every time , while not saying anything about any there religion at all. I used to comment on all their Hindu phobic posts and expose their Lies and Hinduphobia . So in all fairness, I was blocked from commenting . WHOA

This site is owned and run by Japleen Pasricha , a casteist, sexist prick who was faking all this while being a feminist . Her old tweets bear testimony.

Feminist Japleen Pasricha apologises for sexist jibe at Mayawati

All the while feminists scream for Freedom of Expression, manspailing , voice of women being suppressed, these fake feminists go on and do the same when they are questioned, their hypocrisy, lies, and propaganda is exposed. SHAMELESS . Blame Modi for trifling Freedom of Expression when IT laws are out in place but carry on suppressing voices that expose them . DAMN . Such a patented hallmark of a WOKE, SECULAR , LIBERAL , FEMINIST .

So, Miss Pasricha, I will not take this lying down. I will keep exposing you , not that much has been left to be exposed.

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