I keep hearing this trope about how Dalits are suppressed by wretched Upper Caste Hindus , blah blah .

Strange neither have I ever experienced it or seen anyone do it. Been to thousands of Hindu temples all over the world , but never saw anyone ask my caste . EVER .

Been friends with people of all religion , caste (not that i bother to find out ever ).

Now if a community , be it belonging to a religion , region, sect , class is really supressed, they can NEVER rise to the top , Atleast not without agitation and a tough fight .

So how on earth did a Dalit Man Mr. Shiv Nadar, a dalit , build India’s of the best companies , HCL . Now his daughter heads the company and is the richest woman of India. This is what happens when you don’t fall into the cesspool of victimhood that the political leaders push you into and work towards what you want to achieve .

IN today’s world of Corporates, your surname does not matter . If you are worth it . then sky is the limit . I have a team working remotely and I have NO idea about their caste .

If any community is actually suppressed, they can never rise so far. So there goes the whole propaganda out of the window. Random inter caste, inter-community incidents. hostility, happen all over the world. Don’t fights and betterment happen between upper castes. Every caste thinks they are the best and most superior.That’s human nature. Don’t let the power-hungry, foreign-funded politicians diverge you from success, money and the life you want .

Try becoming a Hon. Pres Ramnath Kovind, Shiv Nadar, Roshni Nadar and not a Chandrashekar Bhim Army head. Victimhood leads to nowhere .

Don’t idolize Lalu Yadav, Idolize Surya Kunar Yadav.

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