Saw the chest beating , Rudali crying non stop tweets over the NATURAl death of 84 year , out on bail crime accused StanSwamy. So expected . Hardly a suprise.


Miss FEMINIST Faye D Souza went on a Twitter rudali rona over the MURDER of an (old man 9from natural causes) . Holy Father . ClubHouses Audio chats were planned. Youtube videos posted , op-eds written , blah blah.

So dear (fake ) feminist, where was all this activism and rabble-rousing when nuns were raped and expelled from church by some (un)holy fathers?

Where was your ACTIVISM gone when your fellow Christian women were raped by Holy fathers and all those who supported her expelled from church ? No CLub HOuse chat , no YT , nothing ? So much sympathy for an old man who died in a Hospital of natural causes but no concern for middle-age women suffering sexual exploitation and harassment by Church .

Yes Faye D Souza, Shame on you , for being a cheap hypocrite . Shame on you for being a woman , calling yourself a feminist, a journalist and then not doing anything to support and get justice for Christian women suffering in Chur ch . Shame on you.

You CLAIM to be a feminist so why the eerie silence and barely visible activism?

Cheap HYPOCRITE .Just like EVERY other secular , liberal , feminist.

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