Though this is almost an annual event, this one in particular can be perhaps traced back to Feb 2020 when a leader of the Khasi Studentsā€™ Union (KSU) died in the violence following the CAA protests. What followed were atrocities and violence against non-tribal women and children.

Recently the Meghalaya police had begun investigating allegations of ā€œinstitutionalized harassmentā€ of non-tribal women and children in areas bordering Bangladesh owing to pressure from several groups.

Now happens to be the perfect time for repercussion and halt the already COVID-halted Navratri/Durga Puja celebrations.

Welcome to Meghalaya! You are supposedly in India!

Students busy preparing for their bright future!!!
Image received via whatsapp
Image received via whatsapp
Eternal Reminder

These banners had been put up right at the heart of the city and have been perhaps removed now owing to social media pressure.

Don Bosco Square: After the banners were removed

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