As expected Miss Dia Mirza is back after relishing great meats (cut via cruel halal) way on Eid .And Sewai made from Dairy Lik and non vegan Ghee.

That , after she preaches and does drama over animal rights , adovocated for ban on kite flying in Makar Sankranti , fire cracker less Diwali, Water less Holi blah blah .

No one is asking you to stop eating meat or cooking it .

All we want is a tweet , Instagram post from you , a video asking people to not kill Animals on Eid, Christmas , Easter . Urge them to celebrate it with Vegan food ? Do you knwo how many litres of water are wasted for breeding 1 animal ? How many acres of forest are cut to make grazing grounds for 1 animal. Low iq waanbee . DO DRAMA all day .

It will hardly take 2 minutes. Cmmon you can do that . Just that . GOT SPINE ?

No you won’t , because you will be cancelled by the SECULAR jamaat. Branded Islamophobe , theer will be a “Sar Tan se Juda” chants against you , all brands will drop you, all wokes will abandon you . HYPOCRITE .

That is what you are , a cheap , third rate HYPOCRITE . Just like all all other so called WOKES , SECULARS, LIBERALS. Just lik eyour acting career which was THIRD RATE .

So dear , lean english , calling you lies, hypocricy , propoganda is not trolling . It’s called exposing .

If you can’t tweet on Islamic, Christian festivals , don’t target Hindu festivals because it just makes you look like a cheap Hinduphobe .

Now go back to crying and doing drama desi Wannabee Greta .

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