I am facing a very bad “Judicial Misadventure” as I am being harassed by the Judges of the Panipat court in a false case for last 10 yrs.


Criminal Complaint No. -254/2014 & Crl Appeal No. 163/2015; (Dist Court Panipat-Haryana), are the striking examples to show how the Judges manipulate the facts and misuse their power to harass innocent people.

This is a case where there was absolutely no evidence to suggest that the said complaint was maintainable in any manner known to the LAW of the land.

That complaint was not only registered by the court but I was convicted that too with maximum punishment available.

Only a compromised agency can act on such complaints.

Modus Operandi of such Judges is that they do the Judicial Misconduct, Frauds, Perpetuation of Frauds, etc. – Through their Orders – Knowing fully well that they have the Judges’ Protection Act to Protect them, so they can’t be Prosecuted for this but the ONLY Option available to the Poor, Honest and Innocent Litigants like me is to Approach Hon’ble SC/HC to Challenge each and every such Fraudulent Order again and again, which is a costly affair.

After seeing my CASE DETAILS even a common man can say that “INJUSTICE” is being done deliberately and consciously to cause me harassment with the malicious intentions that I will succumb to buy peace.

Being aggrieved by the persistent harassment by the Trial Court and the Session Court judges, I filed a regular complaint dated 22/02/2019, as per Article 235 of the Constitution, with the Registrar High Court (Punjab-Haryana) to take action against the “Erring Judges”.

The copy of the complaint was also sent to the Hon. Chief Justice of P&H High Court.

Thereafter, I sent the complaint 4-5 times to the Hon. President/PM/Law Mister of India and the CM & Governor of Haryana, which was everytime forwarded to the Registrar (High Court-P&H) for appropriate action.

Till date I have sent 4 reminders to the Registrar (HC) but no action.

This is highly unconstitutional that Even after such recommendations and rigorous follow up my complaint is still pending for last 19 months what to talk about a common man.

I have no hesitation to say that High Court is trying to save their subordinate Judicial Officers and allowing them to continue “Harassing ME”.
I can say it so confidently because if any of the allegations in my this COMPLAINT was false they would have surely booked me, after all complaining against 8 Judges (Including the District Sessions Judge) and 2 Advocates is not an ordinary matter.

I can only say that today “Corruption & Misconduct” have taken such a claim that Truth & Honesty seems week in front of it. It requires corrective measures to be taken immediately otherwise it is going to create BIG PROBLEMS in the path of good governance…


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