A scam that started in 2012, kept going till 2018 n still may be going. Anyone who invest in share market was looted by it and they r not even aware about it. It is a technical scam so I will try to explain in very simple language. Share market trading starts in NSE at 9:15 AM n closes at 3:30 PM In between if u have demat account u can buy n sell any share online on broker’s app or website. Just to understand, How people make profit, see this- This is price chart of Kotak bank of 7th March. Suppose by magic u get these details in advance U buy 1 lac shares at 9:28 at Rs 1684 and sells at 10:10 at Rs 1703 Profit in 42 mins = 19 lacs U buy again at 2:10 at Rs 1691 n sell again at 3:20 at Rs 1720 profit in 50 mins = Rs 29 lacs.

But there is no thing such as magic so u cant get these details but u can anticipate these price points if you have access to some data I wont go in much details but its possible to anticipate when price will go up n when down and if u know some confidential data you can anticipate the price change. Below is share price of ndtv of last 6 months NDTV share was at Rs 75 on 1st Dec, suppose u bought 1 lac shares of ndtv on 1st Dec n sold on 14th Dec when it was Rs 132 Total profit Rs 57 lacs on investment of Rs 75 lacs in 14th days. But what happened in 14th days that ndtv share rose around 80%. They declared their quarterly result, if results are good then shares go up if results are bad then shares go down, I wish I had access of those results on 1st Dec.

Share trading starts at 9:15 AM in the morning, algorithm software n server installed at NSE office Mumbai n all buyers n sellers like me n you bid on buy and sell from our mobile phone, desktop in real time. If buyers r more than share price go up n if sellers r more than down. NSE also has lease out its server n system to few brokers. Its called co-location. Co-location is typically associated with a facility where a third party can lease a rack/server space along with other computer hardware. Co-location facility provides infrastructure such as power supply, bandwidth, and cooling for setting up servers and storage of data for share trading. In 2018 CBI received complaint that one broker who is using co-location facility of server is misusing it to anticipate data of share trading n making money. CBI arrested a Sanjay Gupta from OPG Securities n in interrogation found that some other brokers were also involved n some NSE members also. CBI arrested few NSE officials also in 2019. CBI kept investing it till 2022 n dropped a bomb in 2022

When CBI said that MD and CEO of NSE (National Stock Exchange) Chitra Ramakrishna was the mastermind of this scam. She not only gave access to server to some brokers but she also gave them advance quarterly reports of companies. CBI arrested her n interrogated her n She dropped another bomb. She said that She was doing all this on advice of a Himalayan yogi. Yogi is nirakari, She met her 20 years ago, She never saw him, baba only emails her and ask her to do n she keep doing whatever baba says.

Expose started in 2015 when a whistleblower sent an email in 2015 to SEBI that brokerage firm manipulating NSE software, on request of SEBI, matter was handed over to CBI in 2018 n in Feb 2022 CBI said that boss of NSE Chitra was the main conspirator. Chitra Ramakrishna was awarded woman leader of the year in 2013 n was one of the most educated n powerful woman leader but when CBI started interrogation with her, she behaved like a psycho. She said that some mysterious Himalayan yogi was guiding her from last 20 years. She told to SEBI that the email she corresponded with was operated by a “Sidhha Purusha/yogi who maybe largely dwelling in the Himalayan ranges”. When she was asked how, living in the Himalayas, the yogi could have accessed emails and corresponded regularly. “To the best of my knowledge, their spiritual powers do not require them to have any such physical co-ordinates,” she replied she told SEBI: “I met Him for the first time on the banks of the Ganges nearly 20 years ago directly. Subsequently, over the years I have taken his guidance on many personal and professional matters. Along the way, since He would manifest at will and I did not have any locational co-ordinates So actually an unknown Yogi was running stock market of India from last 10 years.

Police did forensic analysis of her emails n police finally found who is that Himalayan Yogi He is non other that former COO of NSE – Anand Subramanian He was appointed out of the way by Chitra n she gave her unlimited powers. He with some another members of NSE gave server and IP access to few brokers, they made a software “Chankya” by these information n made the money from share market by the method I mentioned in first part.

On 6th March, CBI arrested both and have taken them on remand. Chitra is still saying she doesn’t know his own CTM Subramanian n she used to communicate only to mysterious Himalayan Yogi. Who were those brokerage firms who get benefitted from this scam, CBI still has not found and the most important, Who was the political mastermind behind the Chitra. Is Subramanian is the Himalayan Yogi or someone else ? She was also appointed MD of NSE when Finance minister of India was P Chidambaram Chitra. Chidambaram, Subramanian all belong to same state.

Is it a one more scam of P Chidambaram ?

Always remember, in share market if someone is buying then someone is selling If someone is making money then someone is losing money n here someone made crores of money by fraud.




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