The Liberals or Leftists or “Socialists” of India love to larp around as “progressive, inclusive, secular” and what not, but in fact, they are the exact opposite of what they want you to think they are, and they blame the opposing side, the Hindutva Side, for what they themselves are guilty of, as a sort of intentional weaponized projection.

The Socialists of India are well-known for their anti-India and anti-Hindu behavior, and their disdain for anything that is Hindu.

But… Where does this disdain come from?
Where this hatred for Hindus come from?
Aren’t Socialists supposed to be “multicultural” and “inclusive” of all cultures, including Hindu Culture?

If they are so inclusive, liberal and progressive, then should they also not include and love Hindus just as much as others? Instead of having the strongest and most viscous type of disdain for this one particular Hindu Community?

Yes, the Indian Liberals would love Hindus, but only if they were actual ” Inclusive Liberals” or “Progressives”, but they are not that, they are the opposite. Often times, the Indian Liberals are compared to the Western Liberals. But the thing is, Indian Liberals are the exact opposite of Western Liberals, and in reality the Indian Liberals are more comparable to the Western White Supremacists.

You might have seen that Indian Socialists have a weird sort of fascination or love for White Western Culture, and just as much hatred for Indian Hindu Culture. Why is that? Would a Liberal not be multi-cultural and love all cultures, including Hindu Culture? Why would a “Liberal” believe that White European Culture is “better” than Native Hindu Culture? A proper Liberal would not believe something like that, but only a person with the mentality of a White Supremacist would believe in that type of thought.

And that is because the Indian Liberals are White Supremacists in disguise, who cloak up their fascination for White western culture as “modernism”, but when in reality they are not trying to be modern or progressive by wearing those ripped jeans or applying those fairness creams – They are trying to be Whiter. They want to imitate White People as their fascination for White People has no bounds.

On the other hand, those same Indian Liberals who have a fascination for White Western Culture also do not love The Native Hindu Culture, rather they hate it.
They hate Hindus, and their culture, and the hatred has no boundaries.

That is because the Indian Socialists are not equivalent to Modern Progressive Inclusive Western Socialists,

But the Indian Socialists are rather more similar to National Socialists.

Do you see a difference between the Indian Secular, MK Gandhi, and a National Socialist, when Gandhi talks about “Indo-Aryan Brotherhood”, and then proceeds to be racist against Africans and use the K Word upon them?
No, because such is the true face of Indian Secular Socialists.
They are National Socialists.

Do you see any difference between Nazi Book Burnings and Manusmriti Dahan Diwas (Manusmriti Burning)?
If you do, then you are trying to justify Indian National Socialism.


Finally, the Nehruvian Ideology is not just a Socialist Ideology, but a National Socialist one. If you ever wonder why “The Government” often tries soo hard to interfere with the lives of the common Indian People, especially interfere with the lives of Hindus through nonsense laws, and also abuse it’s authorities upon the common people, and also interfere so much with temples, that is because the Government was literally being ruled by a National Socialist Ideology until 1991, disguised as Nehruvian-Gandhian-Ambedkarite Stateism, and obviously any Governmental Structure with National Socialist Ideology will try to have Absolute Control over people’s lives.

r/IndiaSpeaks - SEE WHAT I MEAN ? August 1951: The great dictator

It is the Hindutva Movement that is more comparable to the “Western Liberal” movement.

Just as Western Leftists want to remove Confederate Statues for being Symbols of Oppression
Similarly, The Hindutva Movement wants to remove Mughal Roads or Monuments for the same reason, that they are symbols of Oppression.

And just as the White Supremacists of The West opposed taking down of Confederate Statues, so did the Indian “Socialists” opposed the taking down of Mughal Statues, what a parallel. Indian Socialists are clearly not fighting against oppression but they are fighting for oppression, and they are more-so aligned with White Supremacists, and against Native Hindu Culture.

Keep in mind that Hindus had also been enslaved by first the Afghans and then the British, over the span of 800 years, so this Hindutva Movement is not a Hindu Nationalist movement, but a Movement of Hindu Liberation, and of course the white supremacist socialists of India oppose this movement, as they don’t want an oppressed peoples to get liberation, so they do everything they can to distort history to not let anybody know about the past of Hindus, how sly.

Simply search “Hindu Kush name meaning slave” on Google, and see the meaning behind the name of “Hindu Kush”, and the reason of Hindu Slavery given behind it.

Also, keep in mind that the so-called Leaders of these Indian Liberals are Rahul, Priyanka and Antonia, who are literally White Italian themselves, and these White Italians are the “Leaders” of the Indian Liberals, which goes on to prove even further that the Indian Socialist Movement is a National Socialist in disguise, with a fascination for Whiteness over Native Hindu Culture. Not to mention that Italy was the country of Mussolini as well, and also that Hitler also used have a fascination for “The Youth” and used The Children for the benefit of his Party and Fame, just like a certain Children’s Day is used for political purposes over here, so there’s that… Join the dots!

Indian Socialists just suffer from a massive inferiority complex and have become white supremacists despite not even being white themselves, and that is sad.
This inner hatred for their own native Hindu Culture, and this grandiose fascination for Western White Culture, this type of mentality is not modern but outdated, this type of mentality belongs in the 20th Century, not in the 21st, and thus this type of mentality, a mentality of self-shame and inferiority complex, must be discarded.

It will obviously not be easy for getting them to discard this mentality as at the end of the day they’re stubborn National Socialists who love to burn books, but still keep reminding them that they are nothing more than a White Supremacist under the cloak of an Indian Socialist.

Keep reminding them that they hate the Native Hindu Culture and love the Western Imperialist Culture more than the Native Culture. Keep guilt-tripping them for being anti-native and pro-imperialist, and thus they will finally see themselves for who they truly are – The White Supremacist Children of Macaulay, a brainwashed bunch of Colonial White Supremacist Sepoys with the ideology and structure of National Socialists.

The Native Hindu Culture will win over the White Supremacist Attitude of these Indian Socialists. Even if these so-called Indian Socialists view their very own Hindu Culture as backwards and primitive, just like a white supremacist would, that will not affect the glorious Vedic Culture, and the Vedic Culture will ultimately triumph in the end.

The Vedic Culture is unstoppable, invincible and unshakable, and these Sepoy National Socialists, cannot harm or affect it with their cultural and inner imperialism, no matter how much they try.


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