It’s Nathuram again !

Congress and other secular parties who wrap up Gandhism are hypocrites ! 30th January marks the death anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi. On this day, Pandit...

Gandhi: A genocide enabler

What could be better than writing on Mr Gandhi, or rather reproducing Gandhi’s writings & speeches, on his birthday? I won’t be sharing my...

Gandhism – a Success or Failure?

It is believed that Gandhi Ji was a very principled and a saint kind of person, who would never bend on something going against his principles. Many staunch supporters of Gandhian philosophy are proud to make tall claims in this regard. After a century of Gandhism, its the time to scrutinize the effectiveness of Gandhism.

PARTITION OF HINDUSTAN-1 : religion as a political tool

Partition of India is a blood soaked tale of religious bigotry & hate against Hindus. These tales need retelling because the strategies that were then perfected by Jinnah continue to be used against Hindus. Dharma continues to be attacked because we choose to close our eyes to the danger posed by islamist hate