Nowadays many Indian Liberals and American Liberals will hate on the Confederate States of America, and rightfully so, as it was an evil oppressive state that tried to enslave it’s minority population, but at the same time, they will show love for or even praise Pakistan, which is also an evil oppressive state that tries to enslave, kidnap or abuse it’s minority population, especially the Hindus.

That is a great contradiction, and perhaps, an intentional one. It is a showdown of hypocrisy simply for the sake of showing sympathy towards Pakistan and because of the hidden Hinduphobia within them. If one hates the Confederacy, they should also hate Pakistan just as much, since Pakistan and the Confederate States of America are indeed two sides of the same coin.

Just like the Confederacy tried to secede from the American Union, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan also tried to secede from the Indian Union. The only difference is that the Confderacy was not successful because Abraham Lincoln did not appease them, while Pakistan was successful because Gandhi and Nehru shamelessly appeased them in the name of Secularism.

In the name of Secularism, Gandhi and Nehru ended up giving permission to the creation of the most theocratic, unsecular state ever known in Modern History, that being Pakistan.

Confederacy is the White Supremacist version of Pakistan and Pakistan is the Islamic Supremacist Version of Confederacy.

The Confederacy’s Main Target was Black Africans and Pakistan’s Main Target is Hindus.

Abraham Lincoln got assassinated because he stopped the Creation of Confederacy and Gandhi got assassinated because he did not stop the creation of Pakistan.


To those who think “I wonder what would happen if the Confederacy was successful?”, you do not need to wonder, since the answer is the formation of a radical nation like Pakistan which troubles the entire world and gains international infamy for being a pain for everyone. Remember, that it is only a pain for the entire world right now because Gandhi and Nehru allowed the Muslim League to persuade the British into carving out a theocratic Islamic State out of the Partition.

Indeed, America was lucky that they had Abraham Lincoln as their leader, because of whom The Confederacy ceased to exist in a short period of time, and indeed India was unlucky that Gandhi and Nehru were our secular leaders at that time, who allowed Pakistan to exist for even longer.

The American Union stopped the persecution of Africans in the Confederacy but the Secular Indian Union never even tried to stop the Persecution of Hindus in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and that is the greatest tragedy and the greatest difference.

An Islamic Supremacist who says “B-but what about muh Muslim Oppression in India???” is not different from the White Supremacist who says “B-but what about muh White Oppression in South Africa?”. Both Muslims and Whites have historically been slave owning oppressors, so them complaining about oppression in itself is a big contradictory whataboutism meant for gaining false sympathy for not the victim, but the oppressor.

To the Liberals who somehow think South Asian Muslims are oppressed, even after ruling the Indian Subcontinent for almost 800 years and torturing Hindus during that time period, I just want to give this quote :-

The Muslim Mentality Summarized By A Quote

If one is not a hypocrite, then they should want the oppressive Islamic State of Pakistan to meet the same fate as the Confederacy, that being non-existence.


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