Amazon Prime’s Tandav Is Propaganda For Hinduphobia

The new age Ghazis use movies, web series and jokes, a medium banned by classical Islam, to spread hatred against Hinduism. Saif Ali Khan is a branded serial offender with penchant to spread hatred against Hindus and Hinduism who tries to hide his Ghazi spirit by abusing the fundamental right to freedom of expression guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

These neo-Ghazis name their children after the most barbaric Islamic marauders like Timur Lung and now have started using Hindu symbols of worship and reverence to sread hatred against Hinduism, Hindu Gods, Hindu ascetics and Hindus in general. It is no coincidence that these Ghazis were in news for making a movie called Adipurush, a name of Lord Shiva, to abuse Lord Ram, Devi Sita and glorify Ravana.

Now the neo-Ghazis using another holy word Tandav associated with Lord Shiva abuse Lord Shiva himself, spread hatred among various sections of Hindu community by derogative reference to Dalits, showing the law enforcing agencies as tyrants while eulogizing jihadis and Maoists who call for “azadi” from Hindus (as in the infamous JNU and AMU slogans seeking azadi by burying alive RSS & BJP people).

The Tandav series on Amazon Prime is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, produced by Offside Entertainment with cast as Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Zeeshan Ayyub, Sunil Grover, and others. It is a pure piece of poison to spread hatred against Hindus, mock Hindu Gods in short an utter abuse of freedom of expression aimed at creating riots in the country by provoking Hindus.

The first episode of the series portrays Lord Shiva and Narada in a very derogative manner by showing that Narada is coming to Shiva and saying that Lord Ram’s popularity is soaring. Lord Shiva is made to look and dress like a devilish joker and shown uttering expletives in English.

Why don’t the modern Ghazis make a movie of their One & Only God & Prophet Mohammad conversing about their unpopularity because of the murders and rapes of non-Muslims by their jihadi followers across the world and in India? Saif Ali Khan can surely essay the role of his One & Only God or alternatively his Prophet, we can give him a script and finance him for this endeavour if he has the courage to undertake it. Abusing Hindus and Hinduism has always been a fair game for Ghazis for the past 1400 years since the advent of Islam.

Apart from this highly provocative representation of Lord Shiva hurting sentiments of Sanatanis worldwide, the movie also plays mischief politically by depicting police under the UP government and Central government, both under BJP, raping Muslim women and mudering Muslim men in fake encounters.

It also promotes hatred within the various sections of Hindus by using abusive and provocative dialogues like how can a Dalit man marry an upper caste Hindu girl? This is aimed at creating fissures among Hindu society which is now uniting together to fight the menace of jihadis, rabid Christian evangelists and anti-national ultra leftist forces whose sole aim is to destroy India and completely wipe out the only surviving ancient unbroken civilization of the world for more than 10,000 years.

The main aim of this mischievous, derogatory and inflammatory web series on Amzon Prime is two fold: Firstly to create hatred for Hindu society, as a justification for committing genocide of Hindus as the Islamic jihadis did in Kashmir in 1989-90 before ethnically cleansing Hindus from the Kashmir valley. That is indulge in giving the dog a bad name before killing it.

Secodly, the aim is to create massive caste and religious riots in India benefitting forces inimical to India. Other than petro-dollars from the Middle East sponsoring wahabism and jihad in India, it would be interesting to see whether there is any Chinese funding behind such poisonous web series.

The Government of India under the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mr Prakash Javadekar should immediately order a ban on this poisonous web series and another episode of this pure hate should not be aired as we could be playing with fire. The jihadis would love to have caste wars, riots in India causing mayhem and large scale depradation given that the silent law abiding majority is already on its edge with a mob rule under the garb of farmers’ protest. These series hurt Hindu sentiments and would trigger large scale violence if ignored.

The Government of India should ban the Tandav web series and also prosecute the makers and actors of the web series. Amazon Prime should also be prosecuted for providing platform to jihadis and anarchists to incite large scale riots by making provocative video series.

Lastly, it is my open challenge along with crores of Hindus and truly secular Indians to Saif Ali Khan if he is not a Ghazi to portray Prophet Mohammad and His One & Only God discussing about their unpopularity among civilized people of the world due to the deeds of their jihadi followers murdering and raping non-Muslims in their name.

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