Their Achievements 
  • They Vote as One.
  • Their Goal is one, Gazwa E Hind
  • Their leaders collect funds from international people
  • They Live together in groups (M areas).
  • They stop while traveling If they see any stranger of their community in problem (recognized by dress code).
  • They speak 1 language.
  • They read their scripture DAILY.
  • They Pray DAILY.
  • They meet people and gather support
  • They make use of every single minute of every single day to reach their goal
  • They belong to various organizations & groups.
  • Their Leaders, Financiers, maids all work as ONE.
  • They’ve planned every step,  every role for years (Toolkit).
  • They support each other financially  & socially
  • They faked support to Hindu Minorities – Divide & Conquer.
  • They divided Indians as Dalits, Sikhs, OBCs, Tribals, Farmers, Women, LGBT, Dravidians, Neo Buddhist, Neo Christians, BJP supporters, Hindutvawadis, Trads, Raytas, Liberals etc. All were one group few years back as Hindus.
  • They arrange Stones, crude bombs, swords
  • Their maulvis tell them what to do next.
  • Their mosques are meeting points.
  • They arrange toolkit via their Social Media
  • Their Children throw stones
  • Their women sit in protest for months
  • They attack & form human chain at the same time.
  • They build fake narrative via media.
  • They sacrifice high salary & comfortable life to achieve their goal by being active on ground…to be available within 5 minutes when called.
  • They support their community illegal immigrants with water, electricity, regugee cards, jobs, money,  housing, fake cards.
  • Every Single person is now dressed as per their tradition.
  • They use Webseries, Movies, songs for their agenda.
  • They’ve United with their community in different countries.
  • They buy only Halal to strengthen their economy to support their goal.
  • Their education is used to support their goals, be it Civil Services, Police, Engineer or teacher.
  • Everyone has a role to play – be it student, lawyer, politician or children.
  • They are willing to marry anyone, even Hindu for their Cause.
  • They Follow Orders from their Leaders without question.
Tell me, how much effort are you making in your daily life? What is your goal ? What is your Role? Whom will you contact when attacked? Are you following your leader? 
Are the Hindu Leaders United ? NO.
Are various caste leaders United? NO.
Are Politicians, Lawyers, Gurus, Leaders United? NO.
You won’t even agree on 1 common language or wear ethnic wear daily or go to temple daily or stay in Joint Family.
You. Are. Doomed. 

Get ready to convert, flee or Die & leave behind your women for them (Kashmir Pundit Genocide Quote).

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