As I am reading the medieval history of Mewar Maharanas and their resistance to Islam, the most obvious conclusion is that the biggest enemies of Hindus are not Jihadis, but Hindu traitors.

The most significant battle of Medieval India , the Battle of Khanwa was fought between Maharana Saanga of Mewar and Babur at Khanwa near Bayana .

Saanga came with an army of 2,00,000 to crush Babur’s 80,000 . Till afternoon , the Battle was tilted towards Hindus when Salhadi Tanwar , the king of Raisen deserted the Hindu formation with his 35,000 troops and defected to Babur .

Hindus lost the battle of Khanwa to one man’s treachery .

Mewar history is littered with such small and big treacheries.

Did we learn our lessons ?

Maharana Pratap did .

In his 25 years of resistance and final victory against the Turk invader Akbar at Dewair , Pratap was never caught off guard .

Pratap created a ring of trusted Bheels and Saamants around him who never let any traitor come close to him .

Whenever a traitor was discovered , he was immediately beheaded and his corpse hung from a tree to make an example of him .
A very effective counter espionage system was developed by Pratap to snoop on enemies and thus keep ahead in the war of minds .

Saanga was the last king of Mewar who was cheated . All following Maharanas of Mewar , Udai Singh , Pratap , Amar Singh , Karan Singh , Jagat Singh and the mighty Raj Singh kept fighting the Turks but were never caught unaware .

500 years on , not much has changed .

Hindu Dharma is not in much danger from the Abrahamic mafias as much it is from Hindu traitors .

I do not advocate violence of any kind , but if Pratap is our ideal , we need to find a solution to Hindu traitors .

Har Har Mahadev !!

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