“The detail is the root of Islamization”

Sharjeel Usmani did not threaten NDTV. He softly threatened the “staffer” who approved the use of a Muslim’s photo with the Covid article. He didn’t even know the even know the name of the staffer. He simply asked the name of the staffer. And NDTV immediately got the message.

NDTV is an imagination. There is a building that call itself NDTV headquarters. A company is registered by the name of NDTV. There are people who call themselves NDTV employees. But NDTV itself is just an imagination. You can not touch it, see it, nor you can produce it in court, a person calling himself the director of the company instead will attend the court.

Therefore a Jihadi can also not kill NDTV. But he can attack its director/staffer. And so, Sharjeel Usmani wanted the name of the staffer who used the picture of a Muslim. Message got immediately delivered.

Saul Alinsky famously said in one of his rules: personalize the target. Ideas are abstract. But a person is real. He has a body not designed to collide with hard objects. He moves about, goes to office. Can be seen by people. He has parents, spouse, children, a kitchen to run, a house not designed to survive petrol bombs.

Isla m is not dumb. Right from its founding days. When a Poetess mock Mo.hammed, he did not condemn the poem neither the poetess was ever seen. She was found dead. Message delivered: You don’t mock Mo.hammed. Nobody does.

Sharjeel Usmani, A Well Known Islamist Hatemonger, Spreading Communal Narratives To Provoke People Against Hindu People. The Newslaundry Feature Writer Once Said That Hindus Who Chant “Jai Shri Ram” Are Fear Based Oppressors. Sharjeel Usmani Has A Record Of Instigating Common Interests And Disdain Against The Hindus. He Was Seen Praising The Death Of Aaj Tak Anchor Rohit Sardana.

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