Disbelief and Awe should be the first reaction for any academician who had made a career out of researching and writing methods of raising Capital for Financial and Business World when he observes the profile of Naya Pakistan.

Pakistan which should connect and boast of the historical past of Mohazodarro and Indus Civilization conveniently erased its past. Today’s generation of Pakistani have been taught to claim Turkish or mixed Arabic blood.

Pakistan as a nation emerged on 14th August 1947 only, when the duo of Jinnah and Iqbal offered a grandiose idea of running a country on religious line while fueling the masses with hate for Bharat. Interestingly, the duo had Hindu ancestry, while the former belonged to Gujarat and later from Kashmir.

Instance of First Beggary – 1948: Pakistan was paid a pre-partition treasury share of Rs 20 Cr in 1947, which it used for waging war in Kashmir instead of a development project. Pakistan sold its poverty and bankruptcy before Gandhi in 1948. Gandhi in response went on a hunger strike on 13th January 1948 and blackmailed the then Government to pay another Rs 55 Cr to Pakistan.

Since then Pakistan improvised its skill and chicanery to impress global power and International banks for Debt. Americans were fooled for decades until the President Obama Administration realized and cancelled major support.

Post US, it turned to China and begged for cheap money. Chinese money came with a string of big promises. China realized soon the greed and miss-utilization of its plan and capital in Pakistan. China under Xi (in the second term) gradually withdrew.

Pakistani disease of begging surmounted it’s all previous level. It resorted to rich Arab countries for Money. It sold its Islamic brotherhood for money. It hyped the Palestine and Kashmir issue before them. Nothing worked beyond a point. Money came with reprimand disgrace and national insult. And the quantity of monetary support was not more than what it could have been for a Begging nation.

2023, nothing left in Naya Pakistan. Forex reserves sink to 6 Billion dollars. No money to finance imports of Medicine, food and oil. Nearly 30 Billion dollars of Debt is to be paid this year alone.

And then the Pakistani tried a new trick. It hoped to sell its ruinous flood victims and poverty at an international forum. The World Bank, IMF and several other countries agreed to support.  The support has been announced with a string attached.

Let us see how soon Pakistan returns to the Global forum with a fresh begging Bowl.






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