Special dialogue on, ‘Teesta Setalvad’s association with the riots’
  Teesta Setalvad created an impression that Indian Muslims are being subjected to injustice and used the riots to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Modi and Hindu society at the international level. She functioned at the international level as the PR Agent of Hindu terrorism. By spreading misinformation about these riots, she obtained donations amounting to thousands of crore Rupees for her NGO. Not only she misappropriated these funds for her personal benefits, but also used them to influence media, judiciary, film industry and other media to brand the Hindu community as terrorists. Reports regarding this were received at that time. Former Union Finance Minister, Home Ministers in the Congress Governments have helped Teesta Satelvad a lot. All this and a lot more is going to be exposed now. Therefore, on account of providing false information to the honourable Court by Teesta Satelvad instead of retaining this case with Gujarat Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS), it should be handed over National Investigation Agency (NIA). This demand was made by former Under-secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs Mr RVS Mani. He was speaking on the online Special dialogue on the subject ‘Teesta Setalvad’s association with the riots’.

       Former Under-secretary Mr Mani further added that, besides Manmohan Government giving Teesta Satelvad Rs. 80 crores, various other Departments of the then Union Government also provided her huge funds. These funds were diverted to support Naxalites and separatists such as Yasin Malik. Reporters were being given residential flat, foreign tours and cash to print articles favouring her.

         History practitioner and author Adv. Satish Deshpande also participated in this Special dialogue. He said that through the medium of the charitable organisations named ‘Sabarang’ and ‘Citizens for Justice and Peace’, it was as if she had opened her office. During the Gujarat riots, Muslim woman Madina Bibi was not at all raped. Yet she forged an affidavit to that effect in Madina Bibi’s name and produced the scripted document before the Court. This was exposed during the hearing in front of Nanavati Commission. Besides, Rais Pathan – a former aid of Teesta Satelvad has made serious allegations against her in which he says that after Teesta Satelvad met Sonia Gandhi, she assured Teesta of continuous flow of cash to work for her. She was also asked to spend at least 25% of the donations that she receives in the name of charity on the down trodden sections of the society. To this Teesta had replied, ‘50% of the donations are siphoned by the agents; and only remainder 50% is left for us’. Hence, a detail inquiry of Rais Pathan could unfold a lot more secrets.

Yours Truly,
Ramesh Shinde,
National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti,

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