The Hindu Jagran Manch helped two young men to re-embrace Hinduism who were enticed by Maulanas to convert to Islam eight years back by promising wealth and beautiful girls to marry.

As per media reports Sunil Jain from Muzaffarnagar and Saurabh Gupta from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh were allured to embrace Islam by Maulanas with money and marriage.

Saurabh was ‘advised’ by a Maulana to convert to Islam as his Muslim girlfriend told him to convert to Islam if he wanted to marry her. Following the Maulana’s counsel Saurabh converted to Islam eight years back and shifted to Okhla, a Muslim dominated area, in Delhi. On conversion, Saurabh Gupta also changed his name to Muhammed Arshad.

Sunil Jain was similarly convinced by a Maulana that all his monetary and personal problems would vanish if he converts to Islam. He was brainwashed into believing that he would become very wealthy and get to marry very beautiful girls when he embraces Islam. Sunil Jain converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdul Samad.

Both Saurabh and Sunil felt very uncomfortable leading their lives as a Muslim and over a period of time realised their folly and how they have been tricked into renouncing their ancestors’ faith and convert to an alien faith. They thus approached Hindu organisations to re-embrace Sanatan Dharma.

The Hindu Jagran Mach facilitated their Gharwapasi ceremony with Pandit Rahul Shastri performing the necessary rituals at Shiv Mandir in Muzaffarnagar. The two youths are reportedly elated and content after coming back to their roots by unshackling themselves.

News input and image source: Orgaiser

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