In the year 2023, I was facing severe stomach issues. Later on it was diagnosed as ulcerative colitis. While it has many reasons for its occurrence, its attendance in my stomach was rather weird. Despite many medical treatments, lifestyle changes, it was not ready to leave my body.

My mother suggested me to go for divya or divine solutions to this problem, which included tantra and jyotish. I visited two jyotishis and both of the informed me that I am suffering from Guru-Rahu-Chandala-Yoga/Grahana Yoga, which has taken toll on my stomach, that could become life threatening till the end of 2024.

Then I had to naturally ask for a solution. Both of them suggested shanti of Rahu. I chose to go with the second jyotishi, who suggested me to go for a combination of jyotish and tantra for the solution.

I was sent to a small town named as Kaygaon where there was an ancient Shiva temple. This temple was far from the Ahmadnagar city, which itself had lot of temples. When I asked the priest as to why he chose that particular temple in Kaygaon, he said that the name of the village itself answers this question.

The prefix “kay” in Kaygaon refers to kaaya or body. This is the body of Rahu. He explained how Rahu’s neck was separated from his body during the distribution of amruta after samudra-manthana. When it happened, the body of Rahu fell on the earth on this particular piece of land. Then the temple was built here, on the exact place where it fell. So this temple represents the kaaya or body of Rahu. And for this reason, the shanti of Rahu is possible in a fastest manner only in this temple. This was the reason why he chose that temple.

Beheading of Rahu

Later on, all the rituals pertinent to the shanti of Rahu were performed, which took about 7–8 hours.

In this ritual, the most interesting thing was pleasing Rahu with alcohol. I was given an image of Rahu made of lead and given some alcohol. I then bathed the imaged of Rahu with alcohol and proper veda mantras were chanted pertinent to this procedure. When I asked why alcohol, the priest said that Rahu being a Rakshasa, is very fond of alcohol. So to remove the problems caused by in our lives, it is very important that we give him what he likes the most, that is alcohol. Because this is the fastest way to pacify him. Visiting him own home, that is Kaygon and offering him what he likes the most.

Image of Rahu Made of Lead Which We Used

After bathing him, I was asked to apply the alcohol all over the body, making sure that not a drop of it enters my mouth. After doing this, I was supposed to take bath in Triveni Sangam, which was just nearby.

After performing this ritual, my stomach pain started fading and now I am totally freed from it.

In my case, perhaps the only option for me to get freed from the stomach pain was to perform this procedure. Because the origin of my pain was sinful activities I had performed in the previous birth.

Now, a question comes to my mind. What if our ancestors had built a hospital in this place instead of a temple? I am not opposed to the hospitals. But in this particular place, could a hospital in Kaygaon make any difference to my health? Because I had already reached the multiple ones. And even Ayurveda was not helping.

The priest told me that this is the importance of preserving such Hindu temples, which aren’t the replacements for a hospital for sure. But when the problem you are facing is the result of previous life’s sinful activities, the solution becomes much more difficult. Because the karma you performed is done and dusted, and also, now it has become hard and adamant. In such cases, only yajnas, upasana, anushthanas, daana and tantric kriya can help us reduce its severity.

This was the moment when I realized that we actively need to work towards the preservation of such temples, which are like magical pills, at least sometimes, if not always, that solve the problems of people who are suffering for years.

Are we doing enough to protect our temples? Yes. There are few organizations like Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, which are working day and night to preserve and free our temples from the custody of the government and bringing them back to Hindus, who are the real beneficiaries of those.

Have you seen one of your friends wearing a shirt with the “Save Temples” logo on it? This “Save Temples” movement has been initiated by the GHHF (Global Hindu Heritage Foundation), which is established in Texas, USA and ran by the Hindu NRIs settled in USA. Unfortunately, we are aware of the movement, but not of those who founded it.

This organization takes funds from the American Hindus and utilizes it for the welfare of Hindu Temples in Bharat.

Beheading of Rahu
Founder of GHHF Shri Prakasarao Velagapudi (in the left)

The founder of GHHF is Shri Prakasarao Velagapudi and the objective of this organization is to protect, preserve, promote, and maintain Hindu culture, Hindu temples, mutts, peethams, endowments, Trusts and other institutions globally. To achieve this objective, the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) formed to take the necessary and appropriate non-violent actions against all laws, policies, activities undertaken by any government, individuals and/or any organizations that adversely affect the Hindu religion, Hindu Temples and other Hindu institutions.

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– Shishir Katote

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