With the Delhi High Court lashing out at the inept criminal negligence of Kejriwal government in their abject dereliction of duty in handling the Covid-19 second wave crisis in Delhi, Kejriwal has come up with a game plan to co-opt the judiciary like the media.

The media is already a putty in Kejriwal’s hands by the 150 Crore rupees largess given to the media in the form of advertisements in the last three months. In fact, he has spent 1,400 crore rupees of public money for advertisements in the past one year, surpassing the annual budget of corporates like Reliance, Jindal, Tata and others for advertisements.

This largess to the media has won him a very favourable coverage in the media covering up all his bunglings and inaction during a pandemic resulting in lack of beds for hospitalisation, severe shortage of oxygen supply leaving several people in Delhi dead.

Kejriwal comes up with an idea to enchant the judiciary with a VVIP package by reserving exclusively a five star hotel in Delhi as a Covid facility for High Court judges, judicial officers and their families.

This kind of differential treatment and VVIP facility is unprecedented and been arranged for the first time by any government. It goes against the grain of democracy and equality, the founding rock of our nation and constitution.

The Primus Hospital at Chanakyapuri in Delhi has been ordered to facilitate the conversion of the Five Star Ashoka Hotel into a Covid facility reserved for judiciary.

The order says such a step has been taken in “overall imminent public interest”.

This obnoxious evident overture to appease the judiciary has not gone down well with a lot of netizens and has raised a huge outrage. Netizens pointed out that Kejriwal has not bothered to establish a single new hospital in the last four years as a Chief Minister, but has preferred to spend precious public money to the tune of Rs. 1,400 crores a year for advertisements in the media and one crore a year on Samosas!

Kejriwal’s latest venture is a naked attempt to lure the judiciary to give him favourable verdicts and observations urging them to lay all the blame at PM Modi’s door just as his partners in the media do. The Centre government should immediately dismiss the Kejriwal government if the Centre wants to save people living in and around Delhi from succumbing to Covid!

It is hoped that the judiciary suo motu takes cognizance of the bare attempts by Kejriwal to influence them, and admonish him to not divert the emergency funds of over 650 Crore Rupees allotted by the Centre in wasteful advertisements and stunts like reserving VVIP Covid facilities while the common people of Delhi are dying due to lack of medical facilities.

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