Leftists are trying hard to dump down the jove jihad issue. Recently the trailer of Kerala Story was being launched which showed the reality of love jihad but the Indian Left is trying hard to dump down the whole love jihad issue and trying tooth and nail to term it as a fake conspiracy theory propagated by Sangh.

Shashi Tharoor who earlier said that daughters of Kerala are being lured and are being taken to terrorists organisation recently took a u turn on the issue and targeted the movie ‘Kerala Story’ and called it fake.

Love Jihad is not a term invented by Sangh Parivar after it’s political wing Bhartiya Janta Party came into Power in 2014. 4 years before BJP came to power, in 2010, former Chief Minister of Kerala VS Achuthanandan who came from Communist Party remarked “They (the then ruling party) want to turn Kerala into a Muslim-majority state in 20 years. They are using money and other inducements to convert people to Islam. They even marry women from outside their community in order to increase the Muslim population.”

Also when the Muslim fundamentalists protested against this statement of former chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, the current chief minister who recently called love jihad a sangh propaganda then stepped out to defend VS Achuthanandan statement and said “The reaction to VS’s comments proves the nexus between the militants and the UDF”.


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