A strange trend has started among Muslims in Malaysia in which youth are seen offering Namaz with a fan. Videos of Namaz with fans are also being uploaded by people on YouTube. A misconception has been spread by some people on social media platforms that people, especially single people, consider a table fan to be the life partner of their dreams and offer Namaz with him. Malaysia’s Minister of Religious Affairs Datuk Idris Ahmed has appealed to the people regarding this increasing trend to complain to the religious authorities against those who do so.

The Mufti of Georgetown Penang has also warned such people not to deliberately insult Islam, they will be punished under Sharia. According to a report in The Sun Daily, Mufti Datuk Seri Wan Salim Wan Mohammed Noori has said that it is clear from the actions of such people that they are deliberately ridiculing and insulting Islam.

He said, ‘The authorities need to investigate whether the person who committed this crime is a sensible person, suffering from mental problems or something else. I hope the authorities will investigate immediately and take action accordingly whatever comes to light.

“If the offender is found to be deliberately mocking religion, he should be tried in Sharia court and punished accordingly,” he said in a statement.

He said that offering Namaz with a fan considering him as a companion of his dreams is an insult to Islam and making fun of Islam is clearly a big sin. This can hurt the sentiments of any Muslim.

Mufti further said in his statement that if the offender disrespects Namaz, then he will be considered outside Islam and he should repent for his actions.

Earlier, Minister for Religious Affairs Datuk Idris Ahmed had appealed to the people to complain to the religious authorities against those who indulge in such acts.

According to the report, the minister said, ‘I advise such people to first take the education of religion, take the help of a cleric or participate in the prayers of mosques. The actions of the people who use the fan while offering Namaz show that they do not know about Islam.


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