What is the scheme?

Agnipath Scheme is a tour of duty style scheme approved by the Government of India on 14 June 2022, for recruitment of soldiers below the rank of commissioned officers into the three services of the armed forces. All recruits will be hired only for a four year period. Personnel recruited under this system are to be called Agniveers (transl. Fire-Warriors), which will be a new military rank. The scheme was implemented in September 2022.

The recruits named Agniveers serve for a tenure of four years that include training for six months followed by 3.5 years deployment. After retirement from the service, they will have the opportunity to apply to continue in the armed forces. Not more than 25 percent of the total strength of the retiring batch will be selected for the permanent cadre. Personnel who retire after 4 years of service will not be eligible for pension, but will receive a lump sum amount of approximately ₹11.71 lakh at the end of tenure.

How will this help Indian youth?  

More than half of the jobs done by the soldiers are non-combat roles and doesn’t require any combat experience.

The 25% best ones will be made permanent and will be made combat ready.

The rest who get retired after 4 years will be perfectly trained  candidates to get absorbed in state police, paramilitary and many security agencies.

The lumpsum money of ₹11.71 they will receive in addition to their salaries will also provide them initial capital of starting any business.

How will make Indian army strong? 

Over a period of time this scheme will reduce the salary and pension burden of Indian army which today forms 76% of the overall budget to nearly 50% or less.

The money so left will be used for procuring modern arms for the forces.

This will not only make Indian armed forces strong vis-a-vis China and Pakistan, but also spur up Indian made arms market. It is no surprise in just 3-4 years India has become the 5th largest arms exporter of the world.

Creation of an industrial military ecosystem will help create jobs and spur the economy.

How will India benefit?

  1. Reduction of pension expenses and diversion of finds to procure moderns arms will make India armed forces modern and strong vis-a-vis China and Pakistan.
  2. Development of Industrial military complex will give jobs to youth boost to economy.

Who will lose?

  1. China and Pakistan will find it tough to fight a more modern army.
  2. People earning commissions from arms purchases (like during Bofors purchase) will lose everything .

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