How Sufism helped in the construction of Kashmiriyat? Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani was greatest Sufi Saint of Kashmir. He imposed 20 mandatory commandments on Hindus of Kashmir. A Hindu could be could be kiIIed and his property confiscated if he violated any of these conditions.This law was strictly implemented for almost 500 years. The commandments were-
A- The Hindus will not construct any temple under the territory of a Muslim ruler.
B- Hindus will not reconstruct any temple that may fall or ruin
C- Hindus will not prevent Muslim travellers from staying in their places of worship.
D- They will receive any Muslim traveller in their house for 3 days and provide hospitality to him
E- They will not harbour any spies and not act as spies themselves
F- If any of their relation have any inclination towards Islam they will not prevent him from embracing Islam.
G- They will respect Muslims.
H- If they are holding a meeting and Muslims comes by they will respect the Muslim and respectfully receive him.
I- They will not dress up like Muslims.
J- They will not keep Muslim names.
K- They will not ride a saddled horse.
L- They will not carry any swords for bows and arrows.
M- They will not wear rings with diamond.
N- They will not openly cell intoxicating liquor.
O- They will not abandon their traditional dress so that they can be distinguished from Muslims.
P- They will not openly practice their customs in front of Muslims.
Q- They will not feel their houses in front of the houses of Muslims
R- They will not cremate their dead.
S- They will not moon their dead loudly.
T- They will not buy muslim slaves.


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